Need help with 1 amazing reservation for next Monday in Manhattan

French preferred. No modern foods. Will take any advice but French would be amazing, Italian second

tx much.

Here’s your post from last year:

Also @RGR knows the best of the best so maybe she’ll weigh in.

le coucou

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Benno. Haven’t been myself, but it seems like what you’re looking for.

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got to love NYC. nothing before 10:30 on a monday at Frenchette. Cheers

For special places involving a trip, I’ve booked a month or two in advance.

We’ve been to Benno twice. Wonderful! The o.p. said, “No modern food,” and Benno’s Italian/French cuisine is contemporary, so I’m not sure it fits what he has in mind. In any case, it doesn’t matter because Benno is closed on Mondays (and Sundays).

@Nemroz, For traditional/classic French, I highly recommend Majorelle, in the Lowell Hotel. Superb cuisine, excellent wine list, polished service, and lovely ambiance. Upscale but worth it!

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Wow, that sure looks beautiful. Thanks


Yeah, I’m the sort of person who recommends first and researches later. Weird that a hotel restaurant would be closed two days a week. And I based my assessment of Benno as un-contemporary on the NYT review, which makes that case pretty strongly.

I don’t want special. I just want very delicious. It wasn’t hard to make 4 of those reservations in NYC at all.

But in LA, there are maybe 2 or 3 places that are open on Monday yet you can’t reserve a week ahead. NYC has more. That’s what I was driving at

Sorry, when you said “amazing” I made an assumption.

A few years ago we went to Jean Georges at 1 Central Park West. It was “special” and “very delicious.” (After touring Turkey a few years ago I’ve tried to avoid the word “amazing” talking about food. LOL) We had the two to three course lunch.

i’m not getting married yall… i’m happy with the Dirty French / Barbuto level, Benoit at the highest.


Clueless what you mean. JG is likely expensive and very lively. Whatever. Enjoy your “amazing” food :slight_smile:

I adore Barbuto. There were two of us and we ordered 7 dishes off the menu…and left thinking we didn’t order enough even though we were thoroughly stuffed to the gills. Hope you have a fantastic time. If you have time for snacks/drinks, Bar Uchu is great…only because I know someone who works there and the team is super excited that they just got 1 :star2:.

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Yea Barbuto is amazing

Minetta Tavern? I enjoyed it a couple years ago, not sure how it is now though.

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That sea bass is not fucking around.

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My god. I can live in that sauce. What a nice touch with the berbere. Fois was great but the rilettes was other worldly. Perhaps best I’ve had. Lamb eggplant carpaccio was really cool but likely too spicy and cumin heavy. Couldn’t taste lamb

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