Need recommendation for SF meals

Coming up for a weekend soon. Have Bar Crenn reservations for one dinner to celebrate wife’s bday. Good choice or should I look for something else? Don’t see much written about it on FTC.

Currently waitlisted at Californios based on the reviews here. Not sure if this will clear.

Looking for another dinner spot along the lines of Cotogna. Really enjoyed my dinner there years ago but would like to try something new. What’s new and good these days?

Thinking of squeezing in dim sum at Dragon Beaux for lunch one day even though wife’s not a huge fan of dim sum. Do they take reservation for lunch?

Probably will get some snacks/oysters at the Ferry Building at some point. Any not to miss vendors other than Hog Island?


la ciccia. not new but still one of the best.

only for large parties.

soft serve at gott’s

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Perhaps consider Sorrel.

Yes, for lunch, but you have to call. Cannot do it online.

Nothing available at La Ciccia and location seems pretty inconvenient.

Sorrel had 9:45pm so reserved as a backup but likely will cancel as it’s too late.

Thanks for the reqs so far. Let me know if anything else comes to mind.

Odd that my fellow socal members are the ones posting. Why is the SF board so dead?

haven’t been to bar crenn yet, just atelier crenn and petit crenn. curious why you picked bar crenn. availability, french, ambiance? looks like it got mixed reviews.

for a birthday dinner i would pick saison, benu, angler, liholiho, acquerello.

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I mainly picked it after watching Chef’s Table and they showed Bar Crenn and it looked like an awesome experience. Not as formal as Atelier Crenn which is a big plus for me. And I saw that they got one star this year, so wanted to try it.

Already checked Saison and nothing available. Benu doesn’t seem that interesting tbh. Saw your review on Angler and while it looks good, the price point doesn’t seem to match the food. Am I wrong?

wow Liholiho looks awesome. But a las, no ressies available.

Great SF restaurants for which you might get reservations at the last minute include

Cockcomb (ask for the chef’s counter or a table downstairs)

For dim sum, Yank Sing not only takes reservations but (unlike Koi Palace) honors them.

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Che Fico is the hot new Cal-Italian spot that has been slammed since it opened. Reso might be tough but you can wait when they open.

Second this - the Fior Di Latte soft serve from Gott’s is fantastic (there is a separate ice cream spot inside the market).

Also the Roli Roti porchetta sandwich if you’ve never had it, they set up on the Eastside outside of the Ferry Building but are only there Thurs 10-2 and Saturday 8-2.

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Some more relatively easy reservations:

The Morris
Uma Casa

Awesome going to try to get some of that porchetta on Saturday for lunch! Bang bang with some oysters and soft serve.

Thanks for these recs Robert!

How is this list?

Going to cancel Bar Crenn.

Depending on the menu, in situ is solid and always easy to book.


Ardiana is less than a block from La Ciccia so you could try walking into La Ciccia and hit Ardiana if you can’t get in.
I had a pretty meh meal last time I went to Uma Casa.

Ok so here’s what I have so far.

Dinner Friday at In Situ. @PorkyBelly and @Chowseeker1999 recommendations sold me on it, even though I’m a bit suspicious why they’re not busier.

Sat lunch going to hit up Roli Roti since I love porchetta and bang bang with some oysters, maybe a grilled cheese from Hog Island, and soft serve from Gott’s.

Dinner Saturday at The Morris for that duck!

Might be able to squeeze in another light meal/snack somewhere.

Also, any good breakfast spots near the Embarcadero?

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It’s your typical Eater “heatmap,” mix of informed opinion and hype.

Angler’s at the top of my to-try list but good luck getting in. Don’t care about the others except the two in Oakland. Dyafa (open since August) is sort of Oakland’s answer to Bavel.

Unless I’m particularly obsessed with a cuisine or it’s something really unusual, I’d rather wait a year or two for most of them to go out of business.

Be ready for long lines, like Eggslut at Grand Central.

Personally I don’t get what people like about Gott’s.

I like Mama’s but it can get crowded on the weekend. Some other good places in that area although not breakfast are Golden Gate bakery for their egg tarts and Kakkario Estiatoria for Greek food. If you have kids my kids loved the Musee Mechanique near Fisherman’s Wharf. Old school arcade games (like pre electricity old school).

Use the line inside of the market specifically for soft serve that @brisket44 mentioned. Don’t get sidetracked on the walk there by the selections at Humphrey Slocombe.