Need recs for birthday dinner this weekend in west/central LA - izakaya or washoku?a


So my beloved SO just informed me that he hasn’t made reservations for my birthday dinner this weekend (it’s just the two of us) - he sometimes just throws his hands up and says “why don’t you decide where we should go?”

I tend to use my birthday dinner as a chance to get him to take me to a sushi, upscale izakaya or washoku restaurant. In the past, we’ve gone to the following places:

Kinjiro (thank you FTC’ers for suggesting this over Shibumi!)
Aburiya Raku
Sushi Zo

I’m looking for a place of the same quality, and around the same cost as these restaurants. n/naka is out because of having to make reservations so far in advance - and I think it might be a bit pricier than what we’d like. We’d be happy to go to the westside, DTLA, the South Bay, or central LA, or SGV. I have a preference for a place that is not just a sushi place.

Finally - I’ve gone ahead and made reservations at Shiki, as a “backup” - but it could certainly be where we end up. I was wondering whether both of us would have to order the same omakase as long as we ordered at the same price point - for example, could one of us order the $140 modern sushi kaiseki, and the other order the $140 shiki omakase.

As always, much thanks in advance!


You’ve got soo many good ones! How about InnAnn?

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Masakazu on Westwood just south of Santa Monica? @J_L did a pictorial essay (Masakazu (Westwood): A Pictorial Essay), and, assuming the price hasn’t changed, it should be well within your budget.

There are some cooked items w/ the longer omakase (I think), but I’m not sure if it’ll fit the “not-just-a-sushi-place” criteria.

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second inn ann with mori onodera, reservations are wide open, ask to sit at the counter.

sushi i-naba, omakase starts at $120 and goes up to $220. reservation for this Saturday still available.

i wouldn’t discount shibumi, sit at the counter and order alc.

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Much thanks! But now I’m confused - for a while newspaper articles were saying that Mori Onodera was with Shiki, but Inn Ann’s website says he’s Executive Chef there.

Is he at both places, or has he left Shiki?


Yes that is correct. He left Shiki (It’s still a good place) and is at Inn Ann

How about Yazawa and splurge on Japanese beef?
Chateubriand for two and Yazawa yaki at a minimum?

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