Need recs for Cantonese - probably in SGV

A couple we’ve been friends with for over 30 years recently moved from South OC to Valncia and we’d like to meet them halfway for dinner soon. One of our traditions was their favorite OC place… Oriental Seafood Noddle House, in Irvine. ( I know it doesn’t get much love here but it’s their favorite.

Is there a really good, similar style restaurant, most likely somewhere in the San Gabriel Valley, where we could meet them half-way where they’d feel at home with the ambience and food? I would assume we’re talking Cantonese, so I’m not sure exactly where that might be. Thanks.

It doesn’t look purely Cantonese - more of a generic Chinese place. What dishes do you and your friends usually get there that you are seeking?

Without specific dishes to go by, places that seem similar might be Chang’s Garden in Arcadia or Embassy Chinese in San Gabriel

Their typical menu would be

Wor Wonton soup
Honey Walnut Shrimp
Chow Fun with chicken or beef
Crab with black bean sauce
Crispy Duck

Yang Chow in Pasadena.

More convenient (and centrally located) vis-a-vis Valencia than SGV proper.

For them, 5 fwy to the 210, exit Rosemead.

For you, 5 fwy to the 57, to the 210, exit Rosemead.

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Thanks Ipse. I first went to Yang Chow (Broadway) less than a week after they opened back in the '77 and miss it. That’s a great choice.

Thanks also to CiaoBob. I’ll check out your recs too but have a special connection to Yang Chow.

From @CiaoBob’s list, your best bet is Embassy Kitchen.

Chang’s is, how do you this politely, too um, ahem, er, authentic for them?

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Ipse, checked Yang Chow menu pics via Yelp. No crab in sight. Do you know if they have it? From our friends’ favorite list it’d be #1.

I was at Chang’s Garden today and found out one of the waitresses actually speaks English decently. I guess that’s what happens when I go there with a non-Asian friend.

Anyhow, the dishes at Chang’s Garden are very different from the quasi-Hong Kong dishes at Oriental Seafood Noodle House. If the OP is not familiar with Shanghai dishes, the dining experience may be memorable but not in a good way.

I’ve never had crab at Yang Chow, and even if they offered it I probably wouldn’t order it.

My mind is taking that comment in negative directions. I need more detail. Not their specialty but would need to be? General distrust of the place? I know Yang Chow is routinely dismissed by cognoscenti.

It’s just not someplace I would go for live seafood that’s all. And, yes, I would only eat fresh crab. Rangoon does not count.

If you’re deadset on crab, then Embassy Kitchen is probably a better bet.

Not required. Thanks.