Need SD Recs for Great Japanese & "Anything" Great Eateries?

Hi All,

Was wondering if our esteemed San Diego FTC’ers might recommend some places for an upcoming visit? We’ll be staying in the Gaslamp district, but willing to drive out to any places in the surrounding cities (up to 30 - 45 min away).


  • Are there any standout Japanese Izakaya or Yakitori spots? (Sushi also a possibility, but 3rd choice.)

  • What eateries would you recommend for a business dinner (with focus on deliciousness)?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Georges (downstairs) in LJ is a good place for a business dinner.

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Georgian food at Pomegranate. Nothing like it in LA or the SFBA.

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Gaslamp is tough because it tracks young (i.e. under 30) and is more focused on entertainment than food…or at least that’s been my experience of it. Restaurants tend to be l-o-u-d, so not sure if that’s that’s okay for your business meeting.

Fort Oak in Mission Hills might be an option for your business meeting. The food will definitely be delicious -

Lola 55 in the East Village is close to the Gaslamp. It is very casual but the food is good, the cocktails are excellent and the space very comfortable with sofas and chairs. It’s also not as busy at night as it is during the day. A wild card for your business meeting perhaps?

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For Yakitori: I’ve not been to either recently but Yakyudori and Yakitori Taisho we’re both pretty good in the past.

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Hi @DiningDiva,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes, I definitely realize the Gaslamp could be… not so good. :wink: So we’re open to driving out (up to 30 or 45 minutes away if need be) for great food. :slight_smile:

So if you have recommendations outside of Gaslamp for either Japanese, or the Business Dinner I’ll be glad to know. Thanks!

Hi @RedDevil,

Ah that’s the one! Thanks! :slight_smile: I remember on our old board reading about some Yakitori place in San Diego, you reminded me it was Yakyudori. Glad to know you enjoyed it in the past. :slight_smile:

Anyone have any standout Izakaya (or great Sushi) recs as a backup plan?


Izakaya: Wa Dining Okan

Sushi: Sushi Ota, Kaito Sushi

These are good for SD

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Thanks @honkman! The downstairs at George’s is tasting menu only right?

Georges downstairs has multiple option - TBL3 tasting menu (12-17 course tasting menu only served for one table each night - constantly changing), then they have a regular 7-course tasting menu (available at all tables) but also have regular a la carte menu

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Hi @honkman,

Thanks again. :slight_smile: That’s good to know of the multiple options. Is their a la carte menu downstairs also stand out, or are you recommending the tasting menu options only?

If you have the time and money I would opt for the TBL3 tasting menu but otherwise 7-course and a la carte are both very good as well (you mentioned it would be a business meeting and having too many such meetings myself it might also depend what you want to get out of this meeting)

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See above…Fort Oak for your business dinner :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

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