Need tips for a good food/wine/coffee stain remover!

We all have our accidental wine splashes and food spills, whether at home, in the car, in a restaurant. Need suggestions for good, maybe fast, stain remover. Portable, if possible. Any tips? Where can you purchase it? Thanks…

Seltzer water is one of the least toxic and harmful to most surfaces. I have successfully removed red wine spill from white wool carpeting.

For whites and washable clothes and linens, I rely on Oxi-Clean in the wash. O-C does make a spot remover in a foil packet, but I have also ruined a dark garment which it bleached; would not recommend on other than whites.

Blot don’t rub.

Shout, Zout and friends are all effective once you’re home and have washing facilities. But for on the spot (sorry about that) treatment, like in a restaurant, carbonated/fizzy water is usually immediately available. We’ve even signaled our waiter and ordered a bottle for this purpose.

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Good idea. Inevitably when we go for dim sum I wind up wearing a white tee and then ‘dribble.’ I immediately dip my napkin in my water and blot, blot, blot. Sparkling water sounds even better.

Wine Away is amazingly good with red wine stains and it works on lots of other stains too.

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No joke. Napkin chains were a “thing” in 18th-19thC Europe. In their day, they were used to protect ball-gowns.We’d found them in sterling at antigue shops. So when we had sloppy toddlers at our table, I had husband make us sets, using stainless steel ball-chains, like early pull chains for light bulbs. He attached electronics “alligator clips” to the ends and we attached huge dinner napkins and draped the kids. They were enchanted by the drama and we kept crap off the carpet.