New 99 Ranch in Torrance

Periscope up, haven’t posted much due to life things. But I didn’t see anything about this new location that just opened up this past weekend. It’s off 190th near Normandie in the center where Walmart is, 19100 Harborgate Way, Torrance, CA 90501.

With all the interest drawn by the Westwood location and the mixed reactions to the smaller layout, the development and opening of this new location has gone under the radar.

This location is similar to the other more modern layouts and size of recent stores. It’s a nice upgrade from the smaller one on Artesia in Gardena.

They have a hot food and bbq section. The bbq area has your standard duck, roast pig and cha sui. The hot foods has a small steam table section offering combos. One and two item combos in the $8/10 range. The offerings looked interesting including items such as stir fry egg plant and salt and pepper fried shrimp with the shells and heads on. There were also a small selection of dim sum items available If the quality is anywhere acceptable, this spot will be a popular lunch option quickly.

Next to that is the bakery area with a wide assortment of Chinese baked goods and also a boba tea bar.

On the other side of the hot foods section is a bank of fridges holding cooked foods such as different baos, small containers of pig ears, beef tendon, etc. The same type of selection as the newer 99 Ranch stores.

The fish area was big and they offered the usual cleaning and fry service. What I found interesting was a packaged sushi section with someone making the sushi fresh.

Overall, the store had a large foot print with a good variety of expected goods We walked around poking our head into the different freezers and the aisles with the different sauces, canned good and other dry goods. It felt very much like the giant one in Alhambra on Main with the square footage and amount of items available. The Torrance location may actually have more space devoted to freezers and carrying frozen items from other Asian countries instead of just Chinese products. We saw an assortment of Filipino Longanisa and tocino including chicken varieties, and different Korean items too.

The produce section was well stocked and also had a nice variety. The meat section included several large floor freezers that held an assortment of thin sliced meats for hot pot. Overall, the meat section looked like it was catering to a knowledgeable Asian crowd with the wide variety of cuts and different meats.

Parking lot looked spacious and easy to navigate to get in and out.

This is a nice addition to the South Bay. Now that we moved down here, it’s a good option for our supermarket trips. Hopefully the hot food and bbq section will be of sufficient standard to scratch the itch when it hits instead of having to wait for a trip to SGV.

Periscope back down. Y’all have a good and safe holiday season.


Nice been waiting for this!


Great recon. Happy Holidays!


Thank you! Been meaning to check this out and also the Costco in Torrance which apparently has the Chinese Zodiac brandy set.