New Brentwood concept by Toscana Restaurant Group (Nuvola?)

I walked by the old Lemonade spot in Brentwood on Barrington the other day and noticed that signage had just gone up for a new Italian eatery. A quick Google search led me (as it often does) to Toddrickallen, who reported a connection between the ABC application and the Toscana Restaurant Group.

Note that the signage up now is newer and completely different than the signage Toddrickallen photographed.

I happened to grab lunch at Toscana shortly thereafter, and decided to ask about the space. I spoke with a nice gentleman at the front from Milan. He informed me that it’s going to be an Italian concept based on the Milan tradition of aperitivo. It will be a counter service establishment, and the plan is to serve pinsa, wine, salads and other small plates. A pinseria wine bar, for us Americans less familiar with aperitivo.

I’ve always been a big fan of the food at Toscana, Bar Toscana (though I find the ambiance there a bit awkward) and their restaurants further up the coast, and a high quality “fast casual” restaurant is sorely needed in Brentwood - sorry Coral Tree*, your food sucks. I’m very excited about this new concept!

I forgot to ask him if it was going to be called Nuvola (which is the name on the ABC application), so we’ll just have to use that as the likely placeholder name.

Build out is underway now, with plans to open around April 2024. But take a peek in and you can see the current very barren status - that timeline seems too optimistic to me - I’m mentally suspecting a Q3 open.

*Interestingly/coincidentally, Coral Tree recently applied for a beer/wine license and a permit to stay open until 2AM.


Construction underway

Oof, they should have stuck with the name Nuvola. Opening end of the month.

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Maybe they can lift the feng shui curse of the space?

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I feel like each of the dishes could use, like, 2 fewer ingredients.

Mid-$20 for counter service salad. Hmph.

Seems basic Brentwood but I’ll give them a couple weeks then try it

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