New Burmese Restaurant in OC

“Irrawaddy Taste of Burma”

on katella in stanton.

has anyone here been there yet?

irrawaddy either refers to the river, a dolphin, or a publication.

What are some typical Burmese dishes?

Tea leaf beef looks good

So does the the biryani and beef/lamb

fermented tea leaf salad, mohinga (catfish noodle soup), chickpea tofu are some of the standards. curries with the spices suspended in oil. extremely texture conscious cuisine from what i recall at daw yee & yoma myanmar.

given that this place raises the count to four IIRC.(and i’m not sure which was the 3rd) i’ll try to keep this place in mind if i find myself down near stanton.

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Damn, that place looks really good!


Looks good.

Porthos, you haven’t had Burmese yet? Burmese cuisine is one of my favorites. Amazing blending of Indian, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Golden Owl in La Puente. There was Rangoon Kitchen, first in San Gabriel and later relocated to West Covina, but sadly - if not completely expected - it closed in January. A shame because it was a good place.


What are some of your favorite dishes?

that’s right, it started out as fiji west when it replaced tokyo lobby - sophisticated cuisine TL wasn’t but you got your dollar’s worth there. tokyo lobby actually used real food on display at the counter. apparently someone figured that out & took a piece of a california roll. when the cashier noticed, she blurted out that it had been out there for 3 days! ew.

too bad rangoon kitchen didn’t pan out; they were pretty accommodating; they didn’t have a chickpea tofu appetizer on the menu, but they put one together for us when i asked about it.

There are 5.5 licensed Burmese “joints” in LA/OC (counting Mutiara as half), 7.5 if you count the unlicensed.

3 out of the 7.5 above are in MPK. 4 out of the 7.5 above are in W.SGV. 5 out of the 7.5 are in SGV.

I’m currently obsessed with danpauk right now; Irradwaddy’s version, from Yelp pic alone, obvs, looks a bit tame.


You are F-ing amazing.

it’s the michigan difference.

Where are the unlicensed ones? I’m always down to explore a grandmas home cooking

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maybe this isn’t a question for here, but, tony, can you make any generalizations
about where the owners/cooks of these burmese joints are from? are they all from
burma – myanmar – whatever? do they tend to be from the same parts of the
burma/myanmar is a pretty diverse place, so i’m kinda curious what types emigrate
here and open restaurants.

Ok, I’m missing one licensed Burmese place in the SGV. Yoma, Daw Yee, Golden Owl and…?

I’ve liked every Burmese dish I’ve had. Tea leaf salad is amazing, chickpea tofu, mohinga, shan noodles, khao swe (the original Burmese version of khao soi), even the Burmese version of samosas are very good and slightly different. I have to thank TonyC for his rec of Yoma. Tony, what was that standout pork dish at Yoma? That was another winner.

there’s allegedly an indian/burmese place on the west side.

i had a burmese roommate a while back. ethnically chinese but born and raised there. sadly, he wasn’t a great cook, or i might have been more inclined to try burmese food.

There’s Jasmine Market in Culver City. I had a good biryani there a few years ago - very decadent.

Apparently Mutiara in Inglewood is run by the original owner of Jasmine Market.

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Just swooned over the laphet thoke (tea leaf salad) at Daw Yee Myanmar Cafe. The tofu thoke (chickpea tofu salad) is slowly growing on me.

Here’s their specials.


So I went – got the tea leaf salad which was my favorite one ever (beating out popular SGV spots)

Also got the rainbow salad – pass

tea leaf lamb – mild flavored and a bit oily, definitely representative of the cuisine – nice

pork with kabocha – again a nice, mild, oily curry-type dish – also nice

an overall enjoyable meal, authentic and different. Among the best Burmese food I’ve had. I’d put it up there with Yoma