New categories (i.e. boards)

I’ve added Greater Seattle / Pacific Northwest and Cookware.

I’ll moderate those myself pending traffic hitting critical mass. Send email or PM if my attention is needed.

One of my favorite posts on Chowhound is the Trader Joes Yays and Nays. It would be great if we had a Food Shopping board! :slight_smile:


The two boards I need (decimated on CH) are:

Philadelphia & Suburbs

I can volunteer to moderate the first, and I can nominate other CH refugees to moderate the second. I’m assuming that being a moderator is a very part-time job.

I haven’t been banned from CH yet but I did get a warning. Yeesh.

By the way, as this is my first post here: what’s with the text box duplicating itself as I type?

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The box in which you type shows the the HTML language; the box next to it shows how your post will actually look once you submit it.

Second the Philly board.

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PS: And perhaps some bigger international cities? London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, etc. etc.?

Especially if we would like to attract international posters (who also were on CH)…

It would be great to have a Nor Cal . Central Cal . So Cal . Keep Los Angeles as it’s own region .


Those boundaries are so loosey-goosey, I wonder if we just wait til we have more ‘history.’ But perhaps CA.

Yeah, Central Coast board, please! Or “California” like on CH.

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Robert , I know someone else mentioned Jason for a wine board . That guy knows his shit about wine top to bottom .


lots of new functionalities added tonight. i.e., drop down categories, “latest post” / new thread feeds, etc. G’job @robert

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“lots of new functionalities added tonight. i.e., drop down categories, “latest post” / new thread feeds, etc. G’job @robert

I agree w/Tony…for me, the old site was a reprieve away from my %*~! work and then, it wasn’t… and you’ve done something very cool here that has a great energy. Thx so much (and I’m so technically stupid I still don’t know how to quote ppl).

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If I can do it you can do it . I’m stupid as shit when it comes to computers . For the quote . Hold the left click down while using the mouse or touch pad and move the cursor until all sentences your reading turn to blue highlight . Release , click on reply . I may be doing it wrong but it works for me .

Awesome! Thx for the lesson. :smile:

south florida board would be nice-not a very active board but it would be a good addition

Another vote for Philly (including the suburbs and Wilmington, DE).

The left box will show errors for spellcheck if you have it, and allow you to personalize your post… The right box is a preview of what your text will look like when it’s published.

I’d love to see a Philadelphia board. It should probably be Philadelphia and suburbs, since there is usually a healthy (although eventually sad) discussion about suburban eating in the Main Line and/or Bucks County.

Would it make sense to consolidate into Philadelphia & the Delaware Valley?

If I can beg you NOT to make Delaware part of “Philadelphia & Suburbs”, please keep them separate. Delaware may not be a big state, but it is not a suburb of Philadelphia–particularly southern Delaware, which is several hours’ drive away. The Delaware Valley also includes the entire western edge of NJ, and I don’t think anyone from northern NJ wants to be lumped in there either.

A single board for Philadelphia & its suburbs does make a lot of sense (I suggested it initially). There might be some stray postings that discuss far northwest Delaware that sneak in there, but we who live in that area are used to checking both boards. But a completely combined board would make it very hard to search for Delaware-only posts, as they’d be subsumed under the much more voluminous Philly traffic.