New Century Lobster in Rosemead

We went by there last week with a fairly large crowd of people. The waiter claimed that the head chef originally from Newport Seafood had started this restaurant. Unfortunately, the conversation was completely in Vietnamese, so I had to rely on my wonderful wife who translated for me.

We ordered the House Special Lobster. For an additional $6, you can order it on a bed of garlic yee mein-style noodles. It was fantastic. The sauce from the lobster spreads out over the noodles, which gives them an excellent flavor.

The deep fried tofu was done very well. It was crispy, but not crunchy. The sweet soy sauce accompanied it.

We ordered crab, but the waiter said they had rejected the latest crab shipment because they were too small–not enough meat.

Unfortunately, the members of my party were not on the adventurous side, and most of them choose some common dishes: Stir fried beef, French-style beef, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Stir fried vegetables. All of them were good. But I’ve had so many of those dishes in my life that it’s hard to get excited by them no matter how well they are cooked.

New Century Lobster is not cheap. You get what you pay for. Service was very good. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

This restaurant is located behind Tip Top restaurant. It cannot been seen from the street.

8518 E Valley Blvd
Ste B101 & 102


It’s funny because if you ask the folks at 626 Lobster, they’ll say the same thing.

That darn Newport Seafood. So many head chefs. Like the Lernaean Hydra of Chiu-Chow restaurants.


And I heard the same “head chef” story at Boston Lobster when they opened.

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That’s why I put in the caveat “claimed”. I think they also said that he was at Boston Lobster, too.

I forgot to mention that they take reservations at New Century, which is the real reason why we decided to go there.

Went here for my birthday. Lobster was good but probably not as good as my last visit to Newport. Steamed fish and basil clams also very good.

Bo luc lac has too much corn starch and no wok hei to speak of. Ong choy slightly over cooked.

BUT service that was legions better than competitors and no wait at 530p on a Sunday makes it a compelling option.

About $55pp after tax/ tip / allocated fuel / depreciation expense / etc.



Happy birthday, @Ns1!


Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!! :birthday:


Happy b-day! :smiley:


Haven’t tried this place yet. Did try Boston on Valley in SG one time and felt it didn’t measure up to New Port in any category. How’s the dining/consumption room?


Corgi Birthday to you…
Corgi Birthday to you!
Be it Cardigan or Pembroke
Corgis make one fine crew! :dog:

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