New Chinese in Westwood

not sure how i never noticed it but just up from Lammonica’s is the recently opened “Northern Cafe.” i ran in and got a beef roll…im not very experienced with beef rolls but i thought it was pretty good…the “roll” actually kinda reminded me of a NY style egg roll with its blistered surface…i will go back and try their dumplings, pancakes, beef pies and noodles

Welcome to the party.

Better late than never.

And don’t worry. We saved a seat for ya!

KazuNori is a better quick-hit in that stretch of the 90024.

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Have you ever tried Mesa Brazilian Grill (right off of Westwood Blvd on Lindbrook, next to Yogurtland)? That’s my go-to for a quick hit in Westwood. The Picanha bowl usually hits all the right spots for me.

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No, but im taking notes!

I’ll check it out! thanks J_L

thanks Ipse

Yes to Yogurtland!

Not @lapizzamaven, but I’m in the area tonight and might need a quite dinner… Hmmm…

Not sure I would do Mesa (and not sure you are actually responding to me, but just in case). Mesa more like a quick pick-me-up. Not a place for a “quite dinner” (whatever that means - [tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek]).

Argh!!! I meant “quick” dinner. Bleh.

Thanks for the info.

Yes, yes, I know.

Juvenile, I know. Apologies. Couldn’t help myself. Like how some people like to throw around “TWSS” as if it was still topically humorous.

Oh, I know you were joking. :wink: I’m just annoyed w/ myself b/c I’m always making typos. :stuck_out_tongue: