New Chinese restaurant openings in Arcadia

Two new restaurants have opened on the corner of Las Tunas Dr. and Hempstead in Arcadia: Fishing Boat and Lao Xi Noodle House.

Based on the menu, Fishing Boat seems to specialize in Taiwanese and Sichuan dishes. If I were to bet, I’d say the cook is a Taiwanese person who knows a few Sichuan dishes. It still has the “Steak Out” sign of the former restaurant on that corner.

Right across the street, Lao Xi Noodle House specializes in Northern style noodles. I’m guessing it’s Shanxi because on the presence of Cat Ear Noodles on the menu. Menu is very limited. There are a limited number of dumplings, too.


Our very own @JThur01 did a piece on them in the LA Weekly and apparently was quite smitten by the new place.

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i’m game to try this place but it looks like you need at least 4 for sufficient critical mass to try enough of the selections.

Yes, I like Lao Xi Noodle. Since I don’t write the headlines, let me add that it’s just a couple running the place, so don’t expect rapid service or lavish surroundings, it’s a noodle house. I focused on the “different” items, like the potato starch dish. It may be sacrilege, but I actually like that better than 凉粉 . And I loved the Bo Lan Zi. Both are probably just my background of a meat & potatoes family coming through, but so be it. Nice to have some Shanxi-style items beyond the knife-shaved noodles.

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welcome, ray.

I heart this board!

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I’m glad you were able to review that place. That location is pretty tough for a restaurant. I’ve been watching it for a few months. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. :yum:

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had lunch there today. the couple running the place are very nice & speak enough english that non mandarin speakers can get by.

as new customers they offered us a complimentary appetizer dish which included pickled vegetable, seaweed and silken tofu with minced garlic - supposed to mimic boiled pork skin.

the menu is limited:

but also includes a few specials on a board including a beef roll for $6.75
on the small side, but a nice balance of crispy pancake, meat, cilantro & sauce.

house special fried noodle

noodles are nice and chewy with fried ground pork and pork belly. what could have been an over fatty/salty dish was made very tasty by just about the right amount of vinegar which wasn’t assertive but more like a bass note around say, 100 Hz. call it an a flat…

buckwheat noodle in lamb soup
get this when it’s cold out and your belly is empty. besides the mao er’duo, there’s silver noodle and potato to go with the lamb and mushroom.

the broth isn’t as lamb-y as say, liang’s, but it was good and a serious carbo load you could split with someone at lunch and be pretty satisfied afterwards; it’s a pretty good sized bowl.

total bill with tip was $30 - and we actually took food home (which is unusual for me)

the couple is very friendly i think they also had a brother in law helping today, and i plan on going back and trying a few more specialties on the menu.


Thanks for the report Barry. Yes, a very nice couple run the place and they do speak English well.

the liang’s version omits potato and does a chewier spaetzle-like rendition their noodle dough in place of the mao er duo. another great cold weather choice.

i suppose i should start a separate liang’s thread.


I finally went there. The dao xiao noodles have a nice chewy texture. The waitress there speaks very good English and is also knowledgeable about the dishes themselves.

The beef rolls were good–nice crispy exterior. They aren’t quite as big as those at 101 Noodle Express, but that means you can actually eat something else on the menu. I enjoyed the noodles with soybean paste.

I went on a weekday afternoon–it was almost at full capacity. This restaurant has the potential for staying around for the long haul.

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four years later and they’re both still there. have yet to try fishing boat.

laoxi noodle is still going strong, pretty much the same menu, but now you can purchase frozen dumplings $26-28 for 60. those dumplings come 12 in an order (the darker filling is pork & leek - i recommend those over the pork/napa). we’re not talking soup dumpling, but they did contain a noticeable amount of broth in them. delightful. my lunch companion does not like lamb, but they’re very good as well.

the house special noodles are still very good:

in other words, if you’ve been waiting to see if they’d shutter, they haven’t and if you haven’t tried them yet, you should.


Agree that LaoXi is still strong. Sergio is cooking on site every time I’ve gone.

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that would be the wife. she also runs down to the rosemead location and whips up batches of the wife’s special sauces for the noodles for who i assume are the in-laws, since i’d expect her mom to know how to make the tomato/egg, minced pork & pork belly which comprise the holy trinity of the wife’s house special noodles.