New Costa Mesa Spots Coming Soon

Saw this on my way home yesterday on the pad site where Souplantation used to be in the Mesa Verde shopping center…

I wasn’t able to find any information for either of them on the interwebs. Has anyone heard anything?

Wheat and Sons


My hero. Thanks. I can’t wait to check it out.

Did they completely demo the site or just the pad?

Is this the W&S formerly of the packing district? Or am I thinking something else

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Hi @Ns1,

Yah, I scrolled down very far on their FB page and they were at the Packing House. :slight_smile: I remember trying them out back then. Who was it that raved about their Porchetta back then? In the end it was OK (tried it twice), didn’t feel like it was worth driving down to try again after that.

I hope the new venue and menu shows more improvement and the pop-ups sound interesting.

Just the pad where Souplantation was. The rest of the shopping center still stands, including the old Acapulco building. I would think that would have been demoed, too.