New Jessica Koslow Restaurant on the Westside?

Jessica Koslow was being interviewed on Good Food this morning when the discussion turned to her strategy behind choosing the location for Sqirl. She mentioned in passing that “the new place” would be on Barrington between Olympic and Pico, right near the Expo Line stop.

Does anyone know what she’s talking about? Did Sqirl decide to open a Westside location and I completely missed it?

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I only caught the very beginning of the conversation while I was running errands this morning and Jessica said that she was opening a restaurant on the west side. I don’t think it’s an additional location of Sqrl, but a new concept. I thought I heard last year that she was going to open a new restaurant in Los Feliz, maybe she nixed that and decided to head further west.


That’s so awesome! I actually had to listen to it twice to make sure I wasn’t hearing things lol. I wonder if this place will do dinner service.

It’s a really interesting location she’s chosen. I feel like the neighborhood is about to take off, especially with the Expo Bundy stop nearby.

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I think that’s her plan—to open up a dinner service restaurant.

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Loved Sqirl the one time I went, but I shudder to think at how much the mark up will be w/ westside rent prices! Still very much looking forward to trying place when it opens, nonetheless.

The impression I got from the interview was she chose both locations because they were off the beaten path, allowing for more sustainable rent costs. That stretch of Barrington isn’t exactly prime real estate just yet.

But yeah, rents are bound to be higher over here regardless. And with this place as an anchor, plus the Expo Bundy stop right nearby, the neighborhood will probably change quickly with rents rising accordingly.

I imagine that, for the westside, that area is still relatively affordable. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing that stretch of Olympic and Pico change a little bit, as long as they don’t get ride of Don Antonio’s! :wink:

And the Liquid Kitty. No, I’ve never been, but I just get a kick out of the name… (sad, I know)

hey folks, no need to guess, we have intel straight from the source. Just published: Sqirl’s Jessica Koslow Expands to West LA With One Seriously Ambitious Project - Eater LA


Way to go Matt!

Nice scoop! I hope they have smooth sailing on the permits.

Wow, 04/2017 seems quite close. Can’t wait! Thanks for the info, @matthewkang!

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the liquid kitty is fun or was I’m getting a bit old for that now. lol. but sadly it just closed :frowning:

Crap. Sorry to hear that. If a burnished wood-plank, tapas-style style restaurant goes up in its place, I’m gonna scream!

Will read the article you’ve linked to later tonight…

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