New Nagoya-style Ramen Shop with some Great Sesame Tantanmen - Anzutei Ramen



that shoyu looks great

how’s the parking situation?


It’s definitely Uber-worthy.

Oh, it’s basically behind Clifton’s =X

10:15p on Friday night and they run out of broth. I’m one of the last 5 bowls of the night.

Seeing as they close at 11 I guess that’s about right.

Shoyu was pretty good, but I didn’t finish all the broth. A touch too salty at the end. No egg. Godly chashu, best I’ve had in recent memory (but only once piece). About $9.70 after tax. All Japanese staff.

Would rank above jinya ramen express and fukurou, below men oh. Cannot compare with Santouka, been too long.

Parking at night is beyond atrocious - next to Joe’s, Syrup, exchange LA

Final verdict: great option if you’re in the area, I would not pay $5 to park and eat here, given the options within driving distance.

@Ns1 glad you made it out on the same day. :smile:

Totally agree that it’s not worth paying $5 for Parking in addition to eating the ramen. During lunch, I found street parking 1.5 blocks away along the street. I saw 2 other spots open along the street, but maybe just got lucky.

Give their Tantanmen a try next time. I liked the Shoyu but the Tantan was ridiculous.

Tantanmen looks very good, esp. with the addition of Szechuan peppercorns.

Or you could walk it off from the 7th and Metro station.


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I really enjoyed the hot tantanmian. definitely some peanut stuff in that. Maybe I’d add more ground pork next time. Also enjoyed the chasu in the other bowl of miso ramen.

Oh damn. Peanut for real? Thanks for the heads up if so…peanut allergy in the house :frowning:

Give 'em a call first. Tantanmian usually has sesame paste, which can taste pretty similar to my untrained palate. It’s sometimes subbed with peanut butter, so I’d give 'em a call just to make sure. :smile:

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Agree on the tantamen. Pleasant surprise. Glad it’s within walking distance of work.


Just stopped by today again. Fantastic Tantanmen. Love that bowl o goodness! :smile:

Confirmed with the chef: No Peanuts in the Tantanmen. Sesame base.


Sadly, this place has shuttered.

Something called “633” is there now.

Shuttered? It apparently moved to south bay, unless you mean to say the south bay location shuttered.

this location

If I want some ramen in DTLA, this location is no longer an option. Hence, shuttered.

Update (Moved to New Location):

Anzutei Ramen (Gardena, CA)

Anzutei Ramen, the Nagoya-style Ramen shop in Downtown L.A. recently moved down to the South Bay, to much more spacious digs. The parking is more plentiful (they have their own dedicated parking lot), and it’s near so many other great Japanese eateries in the South Bay that it makes for a great day of trying out a bunch of things.

Chahan (Japanese Fried Rice with Pork Belly):

Their Chahan with Pork Belly was delicious! :slight_smile: It had a good searing from the wok, and was just the right amount of salt, fragrance of the Green Onions and chunks of Pork Belly.

Gyoza (Potsickers):

Anzutei makes their own Potstickers in-house. The filling is decent (Pork and Veggies), and there’s a heavy sear on the bottom.

Shoyu Ramen (Soy Sauce-based Ramen):

Their Nagoya-style Shoyu Ramen is as good as ever! :slight_smile: Not too salty, clear broth with a Soy Sauce and Chicken and Pork Bone base. Definitely worth a try if you’re in the mood for something lighter than the usual heavy Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) fat-laced Ramen that dominate L.A.

Their Pork Belly Chashu that comes with the Ramen is as tender, meaty and with a great sear as before. It has a deep Pork funk (in a good way), and melts in your mouth.

Shio Ramen (Salt-based Ramen):

This Nagoya-style Sea Salt based Ramen is the lightest Ramen broth they serve here. It’s also Chicken and Pork Bone-based, but tastes really light compared to the Shoyu and Tantanmen. It comes topped with Shrimp Wontons, Fish Cake, Wheat Cake and Green Onions. The Charred Onions adds a smoky, satisfying depth of flavor with each sip.

Overall, it tasted more like a lighter Chinese-style Noodle Soup than a usual “Ramen” that we’re used to, but it was fine.

Tantanmen (Sesame, Special Blend Chile Oil Flavored Ramen Noodles):

I was most looking forward to this offering. It was my favorite when they first opened in Downtown L.A. Sadly, it wasn’t as good. It wasn’t bad, but it was a bit saltier than before, and less interesting and complex. There was a nuttiness, but it just tasted a bit flat at times.

We’re hoping it’s an off-day.

Grape Sorbet:

They offered a complementary Grape Sorbet as an Opening Promotion, and it was delicious! Nice and chilled, it wasn’t overly sweet, literally tasting like Pure Grapes distilled into the Ice. :blush: So perfect for this hot day!

They’ve added 3 other new Ramen flavors as well: A Ma-Bo Ramen (with Mabo Tofu), Curry Ramen and a Spicy Ramen, so we’d probably go back and try those next time.

(New) Anzutei Ramen
15915 S Western Ave.
Gardena, CA 90247
Tel: (213) 999-9302


Thanks for the reminder ipse. I’ll update the thread with the new address.