New Northgate Market (think Mexican Whole Foods) open in Anaheim

The new Northgate market has opened in Anaheim, in the dreary old Ralphs space at Lincoln Ave. and State College Blvd. It has had a complete makeover and is now bright and inviting and was written about in the OC Weekly recently:

In the article, the author says it’s like a “Mexican Whole Foods.” I agree. It has attractive and impressive displays of organic produce and meats, a wide variety of “grab & go” prepared dishes and foods, as well as a salsa bar with a “chilometer,” an aguas frescas bar, a torta station, shelves of entree kits to cook at home (called “Listo in Minutes”), a specialty cheese area, prepared salads and soups to go, a freshly-made tamales bar, a bar selling prepared Mexican meats by the pound, a pupusas station, a sorbet bar, a tortilleria, a large bakery area, and a floreria shop. Most of the prepared foods that are already in containers bear the sticker “hecho aqui.” There are even special fast checkout lanes near all the prepared foods. And of course there are all the usual products found in supermarket aisles.

This Northgate store concept is called “Mexican mercado.” It’s the second one; the first is in Norwalk, to quote the article.

Looks like we need one of these in the 818

I’m happy for you Anaheimers. Seems great. We have one near my ‘hood, on Olympic in K-town. But it is unkempt and slightly stinky. I still shop there though. Especially when I’m having a good sized party. You really can’t beat their produce prices, fresh tortillas and other Mexican fixins’. They also make rotisserie / grilled chickens outside. Those and their refried beans, rice, avocado, salsa & grilled spring onions / scallions make a quick & delicious dinner. I just wish they would remodel too!

I frequent the Norwalk location. If I’m super lazy and in a pinch, their fresh-made gaucamole tastes like how you would do it at home with plenty of avocado. I add extra lime juice and cilantro…it’s perfect. I’m a huge fan of the al pastor and the marinated boneless leg meat in the meat section, and the fresh tortillas make for excellent tacos. They also have a pretty nice selection of ceviche and augachile, too. For folks who don’t have a grill, on weekends, they will cook your prepared meat purchases for you, too.