New Office - Marina del Rey - can't find a decent lunch

This was briefly discussed on the Facebook page, and have tried all those recommendations, and still can’t find lunch. My new office has a great view of boats (Admiralty and Bali), but I am at a loss for my go-to under $10 lunch. I’m not a huge fan of Mendocino Farms and those enormous sandwiches that leave me sleepy, the Counter takes too long (and it’s expensive!), Celadon has decent Thai but not enough to crave.

I really want good Chinese, even some dumplings, but they’re nowhere near here. Oddly, the one thing I like is the Italian Chopped Salad from CPK (which I went to one day, when was starving and desperate) and the Cobb from J Nichols (again, expensive). Tacos at Chipotle aren’t my thing.

I’m spoiled, having worked DTLA for years, and having so much outside my door on 9th and Broadway. A fantastic taco from the stand Tacos Mexico, a great burger from Umami, the perfect salad from Pattern Bar, Colori around the corner and New Moon (!!!oh, how I miss it).

Does it need to be w/i walking distance? B/c, if not, 101 Noodle Express in the Culver City mall isn’t that far (I think).

Tender Greens is reliable for a $12 salad. Cheaper and generally healthier than CPK options.

I’m sure you’ll find some great new spots. A good friend of mine just moved to MDR so I’ll hit her up. You have great views there for sure! I may be relocating for work as well…to DTLA… so now that you mentioned Pattern Bar I look forward to checking it out.

edited to add: is 26 Beach too far from you?

Dommy! went to Urban Plates in Playa Vista. She wrote it up and seemed very positive about the place.

Make a lunch of Costco Free Samples….

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Try Ekkami Thai at 13223 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066
They have lunch specials for under $10.00. Food is decent but not as good as Love to Eat Thai, Sapps, etc. if that makes a difference.

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Urban Plates is definitely someplace I’ll check out, but not thrilled with the parking situation over there. I’d rather have something in walking distance, but I think I’ve exhausted all the possibilities.

@snoozebutton, Pattern Bar is really great (I miss their salads), another place that’s great is Stocking Frame . And of course, there’s now Clifton’s.

Any objections to Settebello or Catch and Release?
Too pricey for lunch?

Isn’t 26 Beach way above the $10 price point?

If driving - Corner of Lincoln and Washington has an outpost of Gaby’s for Middle Eastern - I like the mothership, but never have eaten at the satellite branches… Head back to Samosa House West on Washington for vegetarian Indian.

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I’m not intimately familiar w/ the menu, but this was my impression, as well. I also wonder if it’s swamped.

If Ekkamai Thai has $10 lunch specials as mentioned above, I imagine that’d be a great choice, actually…

Could also try Metro Cafe, maybe even Surfas (while it’s still open).

true… unless she wants soup or dessert for lunch it’ll be too pricey…I missed that part of her post.

Settebello won’t do their lunch special for take away, only dining in, which I prefer not to do. Catch and Release isn’t my thing, either. That Tender Greens mentioned by @Piglet has a huge line every time I try to go, which then leads me back to Burger Lounge or Gelsons (which isn’t a bad option).

I’ve also taken to driving to California Chicken Cafe because I’m hooked on their broccoli soup. Today I ordered delivery from Mao’s Kitchen, but it’s been an hour since I called and still hasn’t arrived :frowning:

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I do like Humble Potato, Pitfire Pizza, Wurstkuche, Baby Blue BBQ,
Abbot’s Pizza Company, GTA and I had a pretty good salad at Hopdoddy in Playa Vista. New Pono Burger is opening on Rose very soon. Tacos Por Favor on Hampton in Venice delivers. :hamburger:

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hop doddy in playa vista.

just realized that you are not open to dine-in, so settebello would not be a good suggestion for you

@westsidegal - they have an extremely limited lunch special (one offering - pizza and salad), and it is dine-in, only.

Try Tajrish Persian Cuisine for kabobs, rice dishes, and stews. 507 Washington Blvd (near cross street via Marina). It’s in a strip mall.


@chinchi, that’s precisely the kind of rec I seek! It’s pricey, but looks large enough for two, and free delivery! Thanks mucho