New owner for Saladang & Saladang Song Pasadena

Eater LA intel reports that there’s a new owner for Saladang and Saladang Song in Pasadena. I haven’t been in a couple years when I felt the food at both locations had gone considerably downhill. Anyone have a recent report on the food?

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Sorry to hear. Though Saladang gets mixed reviews on this board, I was always a fan (especially of Song), and Dang Vattanatham is a treasure. But perhaps the new ownership will make it even better.

I don’t think I’ve eaten here since the late 90’s. They had a good run for many years specially after Song opened, but it’s probably time to freshen things up.

I am so sad that Saladang has changed owners. I LOVED the curry, pad thai, mango with sticky rice, … I can do on and one. The people who worked there were wonderful and kind. The atmosphere always made me feel I was somewhere special. Now there is a television invading my experience!!!. Some of the staff have changed… the food does not taste the same. The yellow curry since the change of owners is so disappointing. I do not want to eat yellow any more. I don’t want to go to saladang. I hope the new owner will consider going back to old recipes and ways. The public will repay her for her efforts. I miss Saladang.

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I’ve always enjoyed my visits to both (although I think the last was ~2 yrs ago?). I do agree that a bit of a change might not be a bad thing, though. Does anyone know anything about the new owner (Anong Karnsomport)? A Google search doesn’t reveal much…