New phone layout?

Is this just my phone?

Your screen’s way bigger than mine.

The layout changed tonight. Odd.

Which browser on what kind of phone? Looks the same to me in Firefox on Android.

Safari on iPhone. Even replying looks odd.

I’m not seeing that. You might look / ask on

looks like you’re in desktop view, try changing to mobile view.

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Thanks @PorkyBelly that did the trick. Not sure how that happened

Hovering over the menu (three horizontal bars, next to user icon) used to get me this (except for the hungryonion part):

Now it gets me this:

I can still type /unread (or whatever) into the URL to see that category, but where’d it go? Looks like this both on my iPhone (Safari) and on my laptop (Firefox, Chrome).

Me too. Been trying to figure this out since yesterday. Can’t get to the normal post access points. Clicking on EVERYTHING in that list gets me to what I think is latest posts.

I’ll see if I can switch it back. This is really atypical of Discourse to force something so unusable on customers. It’s like the shit I expect from Atlassian.

FWIW- It isn’t happening on two other boards I follow that use Discourse.

Yeah, they said they’re rolling it out gradually to hosted customers. People who host Discourse themselves would probably have to opt in.

Apparently Everything is either Latest or Unread, depending on … something.

When this settles down I’d be curious as to how other people access posts since there doesn’t seem to be any real reaction from users so far. I’m used to clicking on the menu and selecting ‘latest’, but maybe there are other ways I’m not aware of. I DO remember that some people bookmark specific post topics but I’d find that limiting.

go to profile / preferences / interface and select latest under default home page. then you can click on the ftc banner to see the latest posts.

Thank you !!!