New (well, fairly) to Monterey Park: E&J Yummy Kitchen

Forgive me if chandavkl has mentioned this, but E&J Yummy Kitchen opened up next to Mandarin Deli in the plaza that also contains the rogue Liang’s Kitchen. It is a Canto/HK-style place featuring seven different of rice noodle rolls, noodle soups, lo mein, porridges and over rice and fried rice dishes. More intriguing is the space next door appears on its way to becoming a restaurant as well.

Open for breakfast, right?

Yes, yes it is ray. Open 9 am - 8:30 pm.

What makes a restaurant rogue???

he is referring to the fact that they were once franchised with a franchise menu. the franchise menu had been discarded and they are now producing specialties of the ownership & staff. liang’s is now a place i recommend quite highly.

Thanks for the heads up. Sounds very similar to the restaurant that got burned out of same space a few years ago. Will have to follow up.

The wonderfully named Silver & Gold Amazing.

Going it on their own. Doing their own thing away from the former chain menu. Sort of like how I remember when I was a kid and Arby’s were failing, the one on Sunset in Hollywood had Jewish deli items like chopped liver!

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except other arby’s still exist (as far as i know, anyway; i haven’t been to an arby’s in years). but i’m not sure if the disappearance of the other franchises preceded the menu change of the MP location. either way, it was a change for the better.

Oh yeah, but at the time Arby’s were fading fast and re-grouped. There are a lot of similarities as there were still a few random Liang’s around when MPK changed the menu. One even came & went afterwards in Rowland Heights seemingly with little notice. While there was some decent stuff on the Taiwanese snack menu at Liang’s, like their red grain pork chop, concur that it definitely was a change for the better. Thank TonyC for finding it, otherwise who would look at a Liang’s for lamb items?

they’ve upgraded the menu at least once since the initial departure from the franchise menu when tonyc mentioned the lamb noodle soup. the fried then steamed noodles, the liang pi, etc. were added more recently.

Yeah, I noticed. I picked up a to-go menu there on Thursday. Even more interesting items now.

the handmade noodles can be almost a yard long.

decided to try the place and there were plenty of people waiting for seats when i left.

pass on the non-cantonese items such as the scallion pancake and the dumplings. the pancake is roughly 5" in diameter both they and the dumplings look like they come out of a bag.

the wonton in the #4 wonton mein special were quite…underwhelming.

the rice rolls (chang fun) were the most interesting items we had, though the construction was somewhat haphazard compared to the ones you normally find at dim sum

they’re quite a bit thinner, which makes them more difficult to roll. the addition of egg was a nice touch. as was the ability to get one with fish. but the additions are more or less added as toppings. and at $3.25, i’d rather get them at dim sum.

while there were plenty of people waiting for seat as we left, i don’t think that many of them were repeat customers. i would encourage to hurry to try this place mainly so you can say you tried them before they went out of business.

no channeling of joe bob briggs for this one.

Chandavkl, did you mention on Twitter that the same folks or some of the same folks that were behind Silver & Gold Amazing are running E&J Yummy Kitchen? So, there is a connection between the two?

f that, no thanks. I’m just happy they opened cuz the wait at delicious food corner was killing the traffic on Garfield Saturday/Sundays . #allaboutme.

i have to admit that i was surprised by the number of people waiting for a seat when i left.

No definitive information. It is the exact same location with a very similar menu, particularly the fish rice noodle rolls and other varieties.

Thanks David. I wondered.