New Years Eve heads up dinner idea - Mori

I booked a couple seat at the sushi bar at Mori - and there was no special pricing for New Year’s Eve. Nor was it a true New Years Eve celebration - we were the latest guest in there for an omakase at 8:30. I think we left around 10:00 after a great meal and 3 (1/2) bottles of champagne. Then off to a party.

At 8:30 the restaurant was pretty quiet - maybe half full. Almost.

If felt like a great little secret. My GF loved the place, loved Maru - and especially loved the sushi. I’ve taken her to Urasawa and n/naka. So this fit the bill as someplace special and new.

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You drank 3.5 bottles of champagne in 30 minutes?

i think that’s s’pose to read: 3x.5 = 1.5 bottles of champ?

Or, #yolo, 3.5 bottles it is.

Ah, 1.5 bottles plus an omakase in 30 minutes is still pretty rushed though. Glad to hear that the restaurant was half full though–our solitary dinner there a few days earlier made me worry about their viability.

30 minutes for an omakase and 3.5 bottles of champagne?

i’m not sure what the appropriate feeling is here.

Oops! Sorry, typo - that was 10:00, not 9:00. I corrected it.