New York/4 days

Where do you go to eat ?

=No price, eery cuisine is Ok.

staying in Manhattan or traveling to Brooklyn, Queens, etc.?

off the top of my head:

The Grill
The Pool
The Office
Le Coucou
Sushi Amane (front runner for one of the best sushiya in US?)
Peter Luger’s or Keen’s
Casa Enrique
Flushing for Chinese food
Fette Sau in Williamsburg for BBQ (haven’t been, but this was recommended)

afternoon snack in East Village at Veniero’s for cheesecake and Hi-Collar for coffee.

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If you’re ‘subway-able’ Absolute Bagel on the UWS to us has the best bagels. We bring home a couple of dozen to freeze :slight_smile:

Delicatessen Food Upper West Side | Absolute Bagels

What’s the office ?

I like Le Coucou a lot. LA doesn’t really have a spot like it, and the space itself is spectacular. St. Anselm is a fun one. I’m not sure there is anything like Wildair in LA. If you can get to Roberta’s at a relatively random time, I think it’s worth the trek. Olmsted can be glorious.

The desserts at Empellon are pretty spectacular.