New York’s fanciest 'Korean wave' restaurants go where L.A. doesn’t: caviar

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soon soon I promise. :smiley:


LATimes giving someone a hint hint nudge nudge lol…

Majordomo has served caviar. It’s not on the menu at the moment but there are numerous reports here.

Kinn did also. So do ABSteak and Joseon.

bladdison already mentions baroo, majordomo, and yangban. la doesn’t have the michelin places like atomix, meju, bom, cote, jungsik, jeju, oiji mi, jua… which we’ve already known for years.

baroo, hibi and corridor 109 are probably the closest that we got.


I’m just saying the headline reference to caviar is kind of bullshit.

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its hardly a Korean restaurant.

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He doesn’t mean it literally of course; caviar is just a signifier of the fine dining scene prevalent in NY. It comes down to the respective dining cultures and that most of the high-end Korean restaurants in NY were opened by alums of established fine dining restaurants in the area.

Junghyun Park of Atomix/Atoboy/Naro/Seoul Salon: Jungsik
Hoyoung Kim of Jua: Jungsik
Eunji Kim of Lysee: Jungsik
Hooni Kim of Meju: Daniel
Brian Kim of Oiji Mi/Bom: Bouley
Douglas Kim of Jeju: CTBF, Per Se
Simon Kim (restauranteur) of Cote: management for JGV and Keller restaurants

I really think it started around ~2016/2017ish when people left Jungsik to start their own ventures.

(and previously in San Francisco, there was Mosu, which I see as being New York-like here. Sung Anh came from TFL, Benu)

LA never really had a Jungsik, and that’s fine. NY and LA are both good at what they do.

What I wouldn’t mind seeing here, though, is a great wine bar with Korean based food - somewhere between The Four Horsemen and a pocha. Somewhere I can drink Suenen and Denshu and snack on some fried seafood and fries with a gojuchang aioli like Jungsik’s and a killer yukhoe.

as a Korean restaurant…a stretch.



Addison makes the case in the article that Majordomo is Korean. It certainly isn"t not Korean.

I guess kimchi mignonette on oysters makes it barely pass as a “Korean” restaurant?

Let’s call it what it is and say its a Californian restaurant with heavy Asian influences which tend to be more Chinese and Japanese than Korean.


Very little of the menu now is Korean. When they started absolutely. Lots of Korean influence. Now it’s pan Asian.


Majordomo is probably more pan-Asian than Korean, though I think chef Jude Parra-Sickels’ past as the POT chef definitely informed the menu. I miss Majordomo before the pandemic when the menu was much larger, but it’s still a great place.