Newish French Baked Goods Stand at Arizona and Mar Vista FMs

I’ve have been enjoying a relatively new stand offering French baked goods at local Farmers markets. I’ve been grabbing their (mostly) pastries at the Saturday FM on Arizona in Santa Monica as well as the Sunday Mar Vista FM on Grandview. I am guessing they are at other FMs as well.

The stand’s banner indicates, “Frogs Organic Bakery,” as well as the name of the baker, “Jean-Luc Labat.” On earlier visits, only a few folks would be at the stands getting their goods. I’ve noticed lately that lines have been forming relatively early in the day now, particularly the the Arizona FM.

Finding the near-illusive perfect croissant seems to be a reoccurring fetish among this group. I have been more interested in finding a place that offers a line of french-ish pastries that not only stands up to scrutiny, but is also within the western half of the Westside proper. I feel this bakery stand fills that long-unfulfilled void.

Their croissant is big, lovely and well-balanced - crisp but not to point of shattering on the outside, and rich buttery wafts of pastry in the middle. Their almond croissant is a work of beauty. They also have traditional pan au chocolat, as well as a chocolate almond croissant. Several varieties of cinnamon rolls, brioche, canele, madeleines, beignets and eclairs as well. I’ve tried several of their goods and have been impressed by most. Their prices are on the comparatively higher side - $4-5 on average - but not by much and I think they are worthy.

They do offer breads as well. About half are organic and they list which are and aren’t. I’ve only tried their sourdough and French country. They are good in my opinion - not great. I consider the more rustic breads at Gjusta to be tops in the area.

According to the signage, Frogs is based in Gardena. I have no idea if this is a commercial bakery only, or if they have a retail counter. It is irrelevant to me for the time being, as the days and locations of their stands are convenient enough for me.

As a side, I’m glad to find you folks here. As we all know, Chowhound is currently going through its gyrations and upheavals due to its change in attitude and design. It is obvious that CH has crossed the Rubicon. Not that this LA crew is made up of shining examples of the Ann Landers School of Etiquette and Good Behavior, but the trolls set loose over on CH as well as the CH staff who have been posting are getting to be too much. Other than on Site Talk, I haven’t posted at all there since the revamp/exodus.

I didn’t want to show up at your doorstep empty-handed, so to speak, so I thought I’d knock at your door with this little tidbit to offer. It’s nice to find kevin in his 200-proof form, and having ipse as the gatekeeper is going to make things interesting. Thanks.


Welcome @bulavinaka.

We would’ve been more than happy to take you empty handed, or even no handed at all.

So happy you are here.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this place at the Brentwood FM. I might take a look next wk (yes, I’m spoiled, and I think it’s too hot to go today). I like a good canele (and croissant, of course…).

@bulavinaka: So good to see you here!!! Have you tried the rustic loaves from Huckleberry and/or Milo and Olive? I think they’re great, but I have not been to Gjusta at all, so I can’t compare.

Those croissants are indeed lovely. I’ve had them a couple of times at the Torrance Farmers Market.

Thank you PGL. I have tried Huckleberry/Milo & Olive’s breads - they are stand-up examples of great bread. I just prefer Gjusta’s right now. I was first enamored by their bread via the sandwiches at GTA. The conundrum was that GTA would not sell their bread loaves - their standing policy. Superba Food & Bread has nice bread too, but I think Huckleberry and Gjusta are tops in the immediate area.

Thanks ipse. Great to find you all happy and just as ornery at Galt’s. :slight_smile:

Hey bula,

welcomed you in the Maple Block thread. Great to see you here! :smile:

Regarding croissants, have you tried the ones at Maison Giraud? (my current favorite)

It’s been a great while, but yes. Excellent but one had to get there early to secure some. We tried three times - were only successful once. If i recall, the lamination on MG’s is more intense and they were smaller in size.