Nice lunch between Van Nuys and Calabasas

I need to meet up with a business associate to go over some proposals. We decided to meet for lunch somewhere next week, and she asked me to pick a “nice place with good light”. I’ll be coming from Van Nuys, and she is coming from Calabasas so I figure something along Ventura Blvd. will be good. Any suggestions? Last time we did Las Fuentes, but it was her first time there and she expressed surprise that it was a casual place, so I’m thinking she’s looking for a place that will take our order at the table, serve the food to us, etc.

Monty’s is special… i don’t know about no light though.

Settebello, or Sheila’s if you want to up the “nice”-ness a bit.

Thanks, but these are both west of Calabasas, unless I’m missing something. I’m looking for something between Calabasas and Van Nuys…

I think she’s worried I’ll pick some dark Gastropub or something where she won’t be able to read the paperwork…

I heard Brandywine (Woodland Hills) is supposed to be good. Have never been myself, so I haven’t the slightest idea about lighting. Hrs for lunch service vary. Is Il Tiramisu (Sherman Oaks) still any good? I don’t recall it being particularly bright, but it seemed to catch a decent amount of light through the windows. Leo & Lily’s (Woodland Hills) might also work; they have a covered outdoor patio (IIRC).

Itzik Hagadol has good light and good food; not sure if it’ll be too casual (but they have table service).

How about the Scratch Bar, Scratch | Bar & Kitchen - Los Angeles, CA | Tock?

Monty’s is a good suggestion.
Sushi Ichiban Kan for Sushi (Woodland Hills)
Ancora for nice enough Italian in Tarzana
There is an Il Fornaio at the Topanga Village that might work for this business lunch

Il Tiramisu is closed to make way for the new Ludo restaurant…

Claudine in Encino (on Ventura, of course) is “nice”, but with no table service. It does have lots of light, though.

Il Tiramisu has been taken over by Ludo Lefebre to become another Petit Troi. Not open yet.

Thanks for the help everyone. I was trying to avoid driving up to the Village because I’m lazy and don’t want to drive that far. :slight_smile:

I’ll suggest these and see what she thinks.