Nice Lunch in Beverly Hills?

Finally made to Wally’s on a Sunday afternoon. Sitting on the patio was quite pleasant and offered good people watching. The wine list was smashing, as expected, and I got a nice glass of Reisling.

The only disappointment was the menu and the food. At that hour, all that was on order were sandwiches (I’m not doing carbs nowadays and just taking the insides of the sandwich off didn’t sound terribly appealing), cured meats (which I don’t eat) and a cheese plate. Opted for a cheese plate and the cheese was overchilled, not perfectly ripened and did not make me swoon. Far from inedible, but if a cheese plate is your meal, you want to swoon.

So I wish the food was a little more interesting because to me wine is not something to be drunk without food.

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Thanks to a kind person on the y-page, here’s a pic of the lobster club. Yow it looks great!