Nice Lunch in Beverly Hills?

Looking for a place for a nice lunch in Beverly Hills.

Thought of Viviane at the Avalon Hotel since it is such a pleasant place even though I didn’t enjoy a recent dinner there, but I looked at their lunch menu and found it abysmal (very big on French fries – sorry after my recent surgery, I’ve become somewhat health conscious).

Fred’s at Barney’s is a nice room, but I find it absurdly overpriced for what it is, the chicken soup is a disgrace and the best thing on the menu – the Orange is the New Black drink (orange, carrot, ginger and turmeric) – isn’t offered until 3:00 p.m.

Not fond of the food at Bar Bouchon, although that is another pleasant place for lunch.

Had lunch for the first time recently at Cabbage Patch. Not impressed and too casual. Not looking for fancy, but not looking for Cabbage Patch casual either.

I detest the faux Middle Eastern food at Momed.

Not thrilled with South Beverly Grill corporate food.

So, I’ve exhausted the usual suspects in my mind, but I am sure there are others that I don’t know about.

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Cafe Angelino is not too far from BH (just east of 3rd & Robertson), as is Petrossian (just north of Beverly & Robertson).

How do you feel about Wally’s?

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Haven’t yet been to Wally’s. May not be ideal because I’m really looking for a nice place to while away an hour or two and I don’t get the impression that Wally’s is a fun place just to relax and hang out. Plus, I’m on post-surgery Tylenol and alcohol and Tylenol don’t go together, and alcohol seems the point of Wally’s.

I’m also not yet cleared to drive, so east of Beverly Hills is too far to walk, although I’m sure that Petrossian would be a nice place to while away an afternoon if I were allowed to drive.

Not necessarily. Many a times have I dined there without imbibing a single drop of alcohol. And their front patio area offers pretty interesting people-watching.

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The roof garden at the Peninsula? It’s exactly what you would expect in the food department (cobb salad, club sandwich, seared tuna, fish tacos) but a more-than-pleasant place to spend an hour or two. I’d probably go to Wally’s, myself, or grab a sandwich from Paninoteca and sit in the garden. AOC is not all that far away…




2nd Spago


I was thinking Spago would be too expensive. Not looking for cheap, but not looking for super expensive either. I didn’t realize Wally’s had a patio. Do they take reservations or is it hard to grab a seat on the patio? The interior didn’t look too comfortable to me from the pictures I have seen, as I haven’t seen the actual restaurant. I imagine it’s a pretty popular place for lunch.

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Wally’s doesn’t take reservations. The patio is just a small sitting area in front of the restaurant.

The interior is all high tops so yeah, may not be the most comfortable place to site for few hours unless you don’t mind sitting on bar stool types of seats. FWIW, I had a 2+ hour dinner there and didn’t mind the seats.

The Grill
Sushi Sushi


If you sit in the bar section of Spago, you can order the full menu but also the bar menu which is very reasonable. Also, if you get lucky ask for the bar seating adjacent to the patio. There are a couple of tables that are considered the bar area but basically are on the patio which is very nice.

I have been to Wally’s many times and never had any complaint about the seating or comfort thereof.

My lunch for this week got cancelled, but for future reference, what do people think of Caulfields at the Sixty Hotel on Wilshire? They have much healthier menu options than Vivianne, where shockingly there is almost nothing but unhealthy food.

Both a chopped chicken salad and a veggie wrap at Caulfield’s look decent, and the place is much more reasonably priced than Fred’s at Barneys. Room looks nice too.

If I go, I will report back.

I will probably get blasted for this, but I’m a pretty big fan of Mariposa (especially post-remodel) at Neiman Marcus.

Lobster club and a bowl of corn chowder is a great combo. Just remember not to ruin your appetite with the popover. If I could buy gallons of their consommé to take home, I would.


I’ve always wondered how that lobster club is… got any photos? I may have to actually go eat one of those things.

I don’t take pictures of my food.

I have to save my photo GB on my iPhone for my other vice in life.

Why not?.. I mean, you already spend all your free time on a food forum anyway lol

That sounds pretty horrific…not sure what legal hobbies would be taking up that much space on a phone. Hopefully you just don’t have my GB on your phone… maybe upgrade to an iPhone with over 100 GBs?

Paninoteca. Sit out at the Montage and have a delicious sandwich.

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Ipse, one of my favorite places for lunch is the Mariposa. I just love sitting out on the patio looking out over the park and the ocean in the distance. Oh sorry, that’s the Mariposa at Neiman Marcus in the Ala Moana Mall. However, if you are in Honolulu…

Closing along with Scarpetta?

Ack, didn’t even think of that