Nice Me Snack Bar & More--Mysterious New Chinese Restaurant in Temple City

Since we’re on the topic of mystery new Chinese restaurants, another puzzle is Nice Me Snacks and More, open in Temple City replacing the oddly named #SR’s Fried Chicken aka Zhi Ma Tang Yuan Kitchen, and its durian pizza.

My problem is that the menu was only in Chinese, and the only person there did not speak a word of English. Fortunately she had an app which enabled me to order a bowl of spicy tomato beef noodle soup which was great.

While waiting for my food I went outside and discovered that there were some English language signs on the window. But they ended up being totally confusing. In looking at the pictures in the printed menu I was guessing Nice Me is a Sichuan style restaurant. This seemed to be confirmed by the banner saying “I Come From Chengdu.”

But then there was another banner saying Cantones (sic) flavor.

And an English language breakfast menu listing Cantonese noodle soups, rice noodle rolls and Guangdong tea.

But wait, there’s more. Another poster in the window depicts empanadas, with the captions “Empanadas” and Venezuela (sic) Cuisine.

I’m dying to find out what all this means. A chef with eclectic talents? A ghost kitchen (though it’s a single operation with a single name)? Perhaps one of you Mandarin speakers can drop by and ask about the empenadas.