Nickel Diner to close

via their IG, and the eater link: The 15 year institution is closing. Man, this makes me melancholy.

I’ve had some lovely meals there, and greatly respected the palpable sense of community created by the restaurant and staff.


You know it’s LA when something that lasts 15 years is called an “institution”. :laughing: But seriously, I completely understand the sadness when a favorite place closes. Experienced it myself many times, unfortunately.


Haha I was thinking the same thing. But reading the article I was surprised for a different reason that the Nickel Diner had only been open for 15 years. The space has that Phillipe’s or Cole’s authentic back-in-the-day vibe. I figured it was a really old diner taken over by a new generation or buyer. Now I’m curious about the actual history of that location. :thinking:

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Thanks @NewTrial!

This is a pisser. Aside from a cookbook, what’s next Kristen and Monica?