Night Market in Santa Monica, Feb 5 & 6: Tix start @ $69.57/person!

Quite pricey tickets, granted food and drinks are included… still @ $70 for truck & street food, YIKES!

Anyone planning to go?

Looks like it did not fare too well

Frustrated Attendees Call Taste of Night Market Event a ‘Catastrophe’

I’m glad I stuck that one out. Looked at the vendor list and could not imagine eating $130 worth of food for two.

It’s clear that if you want to manage lines, you need pricing to keep the riff raff out (see: Alex’s Lemonade Stand)

Tacolandia’s been the best large scale food event I’ve been to, but there’s still ton of room for improvement there (see: alcohol lines)

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For me paying an upfront $70 entry fee and likelihood of waiting endlessly in line for what will likely be mediocre street food was a turn off…

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I never ever go to food fests. I go to very few wine or beer fests. Can’t stand the idea of paying a cover for an unknown food quality and apparently quantity!

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