Night Taco Stand with Trompo and “Stewed” Meat Pan on Centinela in front of Mitsuwa

For the past year or so I have seen a night taco stand, complete with a trompo, set up in front of Mitsuwa in Mar Vista.
Finally stopped by last night.

I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a spread, including that giant steel pan that holds various stewing meats and sausages (what is that thing called, and what is best to ask for from it? In my reading it sounds like it’s mainly good for Suadero and Longaniza - not sure I have ever had these at a taco stand despite quite a few trips to Mx).

Also, serve yourself table w/ salsas, avocado sauce, cilantro, radish, cebolla, lime. Boy, its been a minute since I had the joy of controlling my toppings like that, without dealing with tiny baggies and annoying plastic containers.
I had soft, wet carnitas from the “stewer” and cabeza and al pastor tacos.
Corn tortillas were tasty but nothing special texture-wise.
Meats were really delicious, though they didn’t cut the al pastor to order off the trompo - it was pre-cut and kept in a container on the side of the grill - and no flying pineapple slices.

I’ll go back.


I’ve wondered about that stand! They do smell good. More often I’m on sawtelle, but I’ll check it out