Nikuyatanaka Ginza, April 2023 (Tokyo)

This is the pinnacle of beef for me to date. Wagyu kappo meal of purebred Tajima beef, this time 50-month female from Kobe, cooked by chef “Boss” Satoru Tanaka. Chef “Boss” Tanaka made a name for himself in Nagoya with Nikuya Setsugekka and various other wagyu restaurants (18 total), but now he’s cooking for a 9-seat counter (and private room) right in the heart of Ginza.

I wanted to keep this to myself, but who am I kidding, it’s a Tabelog Silver, 4.42 rating, and chef has many ardent fans but should be even more lauded. Counter was comfortable, service was very nice (chef in particular), and the 12-course meal was flawless. So many standouts, I can’t pick a favorite…

Reservations were quite easy to get and I’m very glad, because I can’t wait to return.

Chef prepping his famous beef and seabass maki roll

Peas were shockingly good. Incredible broth.

Wagyu-seabass-shiso maki with karasumi

Akagai, torigai, hokkigai, tairagai, with a shellfish dashi gelee. Such good textures.

Shabu-shabu. Texture and broth were lights out.

Tataki, incredible.

Grilled takenoko with kinome. Best of the trip for me. Sweet as corn.

Fried beef “tatsuaage”

Somen - the pinnacle of cold noodle for me


Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!