Nixtaco - sacramento/roseville

apparently bill esparza wrote about it a while back For the Best Tacos in Roseville, Head to a Strip Mall

i tried the:
chicharron taco - (“Pork belly sliced thin and roasted, then diced and sauteed in salsa verde. Lime-pickled onions on top.”) - a lot more meat than the chicharrons ive had elsewhere
chicken mole taco - good
huitlachoche taco - good
porky shrimp taco (“Shrimp sautéed in the fat rendered from our Chicharrón, bathed in a beer based Cheese sauce and finished off with bacon bits; all sits on a bed of Refried Beans, Smoked Chile Oil, Peanut Chipotle Aioli. Green onion on top.”) - didn’t really have all the flavor that the description promised
roadkill taco ("Shredded pork belly, sautéed with chile, tomatoes and onion. On a bed of grilled cheese topped with micro cilantro. ") - this was the best one of the bunch - pork belly had some smokiness

all of them were tasty, but if i were to nitpick, the tortillas were slightly lacking in structural integrity, and the tacos were all a bit monotone in flavor: salt-heavy. sort of similar in format to guisados, but i would actually prefer guisados…

in terms of eating options on the way to/from tahoe/bay area, i would choose Pizza Supreme Being ten times out of ten, although they are located somewhat far apart so whether one is taking 80 or 50 would do much of the deciding…

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