Noda (sushi) - former Sushi Iwa no. 2

Another new high end sushi bar in Nomad helmed by former Ginza’s Sushi Iwa no. 2 - Shigeyuki Tsunoda. He seems to have consistently good reviews while his boss was away tending to the HK branch.

Likely will be Kanesaka styled progression (think Saito). $285 omakase (tips included).

Hope this will be better than sushi Amane.

NYC turning into city of dreams for aspiring Tokyo No. 2s
Jiro - Nakazawa (technically no. 3)
Saito - Amane
Iwa - Noda
… wonder who’s next?

I am going next month. Also Noz, Amane, and SGO. Will report back on everything.


at SGO, request to sit with Saito.

I saw on Instagram that Saito is leaving (soon?). I believe Toshi-san is still there, and I liked my meal with him at SGO Hawaii…I will see who’s around next month. Thanks for the tip, anyway.

Ahh I see, he was there last night and did briefly mention his future plans…

DId he mention where he was going?

The food at Noda was great - and Tsunoda-san is a super nice guy. Several “wow” pieces and overall very high level. Also indulged in some Karuizawa 12.

I went to Noda, Sushi Noz, Sushi Amane, and Sushi Ginza Onodera. At SGO, I did sit with Saito-san, but I did not ask anything about future plans. All 4 were great, had their own highlights, and I will post about each.


Cool! Looking forward to your reports. esp. Noz and Noda.

will fix formatting - too lazy for now. great meal.


Nice way to finish w the Karuizawa!

It was really, really good. But I was also pretty gone by then. Cocktails at Bathtub Gin, then Noda bar, then a bottle of Shichi Hon Yari, then Karuizawa, then a Manhattan at Bemelman’s Bar…

Karuizawa was really good though. glad I tried it. I did not try The Joker, but perhaps one day (I do quite like Ichiro’s Malt so far).

Anyway - standout ankimo, botanebi, uni-toro handroll, and shiroebi

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Do they have a good selection of Japanese whiskeys? Interested to try some of the non-Suntory/Nikka labels.

Had my first Ichiro last month. Thought it was distintinctively Japanese - light woodsy aromas pine, hint of sandal wood.

They had Ichiro’s Malt and Karuizawa. I just had Ichiro’s the night before and decided against the Joker because 1 oz could pay for my whole meal and then some…! What other labels were you looking for? I didn’t pay that much attention, sorry!

Mainly Ichiro and Karuizawa - also that’s all I know besides Suntory, Nikka and Iwai :laughing: Yeah some of these Japanese whiskies are crazy $$$$

Pretty sure they had Ichiro’s The Floor Malted and Malt & Grain, both of which I really like but can get here in SF at my go-to bars. I had the Ichiro’s The Single Cask at Noz.

Finally made it to Noda, last of the recent heavy hitters I have been eager to check out. Another excellent meal. The current high end sushi game in NYC is very strong!!!

Very interesting speakeasy vibe, highly recommend showing up early and start off with a cocktail at the bar.

Otsumami courses.
Missing pic abalone from Chiba.

Mushroom soup, chilled uni chawan mushi, kurumotsu.

Bo-zushi prep @PorkyBelly

Scallop, Bonito - very fatty, nodoguru w matsutake- excellent!, wakame

Kinmedai, shiro ebi, buri, ikura

Tuna from Iwa. Akamai zuke, chu & o-toro, sumi-ika

Wild bafun uni, apparently the farmed uni typically has a more uniform color. Toro hand roll with wasabi shoots & sprouts, kuruma-ebi

Kamasu - excellent prep. Super soft texture

Kama-toro with quail egg. Holy smokes this was excellent.

Tamago w shiba-ebi and a touch of honey. Custard like texture
Sake lees (from Brooklyn Kura) ice cream. Terrific smooth, creamy consistency and flavor. @beefnoguy

Unfortunately no Toto

SGO, Noz & Noda are by far my top 3 sushi spots in the city at the moment. I need to give Amane a second chance soon.


Awesome thanks for the pictures and report!

The tamagoyaki is of the Sushi Kanesaka lineage (Iwa trained under Kanesaka, as did Saito who is way more famous and now has a separate school of students). Yep, very custard like and I remember having a very similar piece with Sushi Ya Ginza under Ishiyama san (who also apprenticed under Saito) and also Ginza Iwa in Hong Kong back in 2013 or so with Chef Suzuki, of which now Iwa has shuttered in HK and is now Sushi Wadatsumi or something like that. Sushi Arai Ginza tried to do something like that right before he got his first star (and it was a bit of a flop lol) though I’m sure he’s morphed it since.

The sake lees ice cream must be quite excellent. Looks very “Iron Chef” ice cream machine made x burrata haha. Must be fun with a dessert sake :sweat_smile:

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I can vouch for their desserts, too (the meal is excellent, even if the decor is a bit surprising at first). I had a nice warabi mochi with kinako powder, kuromitsu, and good matcha on the side.


Tsunoda-san was also was one of the nicest sushi chefs I’ve met.


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Yeah he has great command of English and a very pleasant personality.

It was really excellent, very well executed!!

looks great, how would you rank sgo, noz, and noda?

surpasses la by a long shot.