Noe Valley - SF. Any recs for lunch?

Heading to the city in a few days and hope to visit our old NV nabe (Vicksburg bet. Jersey & 25th). Any recs for lunch? No particular preference for cuisine if it’s really good. Not averse to other nearby neighborhoods. TIA

The places I’d recommend are dinner-only. Maybe Chez Marius (former Cafe Zinc space).

Dinner had been my thought of also. Thanks for that rec. What about the Castro? Or that part of the Mission?

Anchor oyster bar

Now there’s a thought. I can’t remember if I’ve been there but certainly driven past it a gazillion times. Thanks.

La ciccia for dinner

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Been there/done that :slight_smile: And we’ll likely just do lunch. Gotta check out the old house :slight_smile:

406 Vicksburg St, San Francisco, CA 94114 |®

Anchor, good call. They are open for lunch. Used to be the only good restaurant in the Castro. Now there’s also Frances and Poesia, but they’re dinner only.

Dinner in Noe Valley, La Ciccia, Uma Casa, Firefly, Contigo.

Boy, Firefly’s been around a LONG time.

Yeah, 25th anniversary coming up later this year.

Aha! We moved away in '92.