NOLA: Sunday Dinner + Monday Lunch + Weekend Music

I’ve been invited to attend some corporate boondoggle in New Orleans for this coming weekend. It’s fairly programmed, so we will already be going to:
Arnaud’s Creole Cottage
Commander’s Palace Jazz Brunch
I don’t get any wiggle room on those.
I’m looking for some options for:

Music on Saturday Night and/or Sunday night
Dinner Sunday night
Lunch Monday

Bars, I’ve got covered, unless someone knows a hidden gem.

I do have Compère Lapin booked already for Sunday as a back-up plan and I was assuming I’d go either to Turkey and the Wolf for lunch on Monday OR Cochon Butcher.

Very open to other ideas. In the distant past, I’ve enjoyed:
Herbsaint, Patois, August, Sylvain, Central Grocery, Green Goddess, Cochon Butcher, Stanley, Felix.
I’d happily repeat any of the above, under the right circumstances, but I’d prefer to try places I’ve never been. And while I think Donald Link is my culinary spirit animal, we seem like we’ll be getting a taste of his stuff at Calcasieu.

Thanks for any help.

Haven’t been to Turkey and the Wolf, but Le Pig Mac (think Big Mac with pork patties) and the Mufaletta at Cochon Butcher are superb.

Also, not what you would think of in NOLA, but Shaya was one of the best meals we had there. Stop across the street at The Standard for risky sours. Probably the best whiskey sour I’ve ever had.

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Right on!
Cochon Butcher Muff is my Gold Standard for that sandwich. Was leaning toward hitting Butcher on way out of town for any sandwich other than the muffuletta and then taking 2 or so of the muffuletta to go since they tend to age well.

Will look into Shaya and will absolutely get a risky sour at The Standard.

My liver is going to hate me after this trip.


i enjoyed coquette

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Peche is wonderful if you can swing it.
Did not love Compere Lapin as much as i was expecting - it was fine but I won’t return.
If you have been to C. Butcher as much as It appears you have been I would go to Turkey and the Wolf for a lunch and pick up Butcher to go on the plane.

Shayas chef has a new place - the #metoo issues of someone else there, forced Alon to part ways, and open his own place which I have not been to yet but hear it’s great.

As an aside Alon Shaya also has a new place in Denver called Safta as well