Nomada Cocina in San Miguel de Allende. MX

Posting this in San Diego because it seemed the closest fit. Went down to San Miguel in February. The first night, we went to Nomada Cocina. We called ahead, since it was late, near 9pm and they said to come on over, they would seat us. We arrived to an empty restaurant. It was an elegant space but a little hard to find. I couldn’t believe that they stayed open just for us!

I had heard that their Wednesday night tasting menu was a real treat, so was bummed we could not get there on a Wednesday. But Sofia Antillon, the pastry chef and wife of the owner, offered us a tasting menu. We gladly accepted. We started with Mexican wines by the glass.

Then came the amazing array of plates and flavors. This couple, he the chef and she the pastry chef, are truly phenomenal.

This corn was amazing, the flavor combinations outstanding.

My husband asked about the herbs in it and Sophia brought it out to show us.

Risotto was a dream!

This photo is out of order and from the next meal. What I loved was that the grasshoppers were so crispy! I asked how they did it - as I can buy them here in Los Angeles but they don’t taste the same. Sophia said they toast them on a dry frying pan before serving to crisp them up. Good tip!

I wanted the beef tongue as part of the tasting menu and they kindly accommodated me!

Everyone thing was so outstanding, had the meal ended there I would have called it perfect, but then the desserts came! Sophia made us each a different one. One was very sweet, with chocolate.

The other was lighter, with a goat yogurt ice cream, I think.

There were no misses in the meal. Every plate had the flavors perfectly paired. Knowing they were closed the next day, we made plans to return another night. We also told people at our hotel about the place. They went and also had an excellent meal.

We returned and had another tasting menu.

Their ceviche tasted so fresh, I had to ask how they did it.

Sophia explained that they thinly slice the fish and only put it in the citrus 10 minutes before it is served. So unlike the Diane Kennedy recipe I follow that has me soak the fish over night. Now I follow their recipe and it is much better, though nothing like what we had that night.

This couple would standout wherever they cooked - Zurich, Paris, Los Angeles, wherever. Those were two of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had in my life.


I just heard about this city. Is it difficult to travel to?

No, not at all. Direct flights to Guanajuato from LAX, then I had hotel send us a driver for the hour and half drive to San Miguel. We could have also taken a taxi. But if you do, I would highly recommend staying for a few days in Guanajuato. It is an amazing city! The airport is only 30 minutes from Guanajuato.

Also, there were folks who had flown into Mexico City and then taken a first class bus to San Miguel. Four hours and they said bus was great, with restrooms and drinks, etc.

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