Nomadic Pies -- Kennett Square

Has anyone ever tried the fruit pies from this relatively new place in Kennett? Their online menu looks impressive AND pretty pricey.!menu/ch8j They sell by the slice, so I guess that’s a safe way to try without making a major investment ($23 for a 9" pie!). But I’d love to hear from anyone who’s tried any of their fruit pies.

And while I’m on the subject of pie – who else in southern Chesco makes really great fruit pies? Thanks!

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Okay… so I’ll reply to my own post. My Saturday errands took me right by Nomadic Pies yesterday so I stopped in. It smelled tantalizingly yummy in there, but the baked goods cases were sparsely stocked. In addition to slices, they also sell 5" pies for $5.50 – a nice idea and a good size for sharing. But they only had two varieties of pies in that size – apple and apple crumb. I was told there were a few other kinds available by the slice, and that if I phoned in advance I could request other varieties, assuming they had the ingredients on hand. Anyway, I bought the apple crumb pie and served it for dessert last night. It was okay, but not rave-worthy. There was lots of “crumb” (granola/brown sugar) and not very much apple. Will I go back? Maybe for a special order.

Hm, you’re not making it sound like I need to go over there!

I wouldn’t make a special trip there unless I called ahead either to find out what they’ve got that day or to place an order. That said, if you find yourself strolling along State St., stop in for a sniff, a peek and maybe a purchase.

If you were looking for great pie, where would you shop?

Believe it or not I have never bought a pie. I make my own…or get friends to make them for me!

Not only do I believe it… I’m also not surprised. So let’s see… Since I rarely bake, I guess I ought to find a friend who does. Hmmm… :wink:

I am about to start auditioning recipes for sweet potato pie, so there may be some spots open for taste testers!

Let me know when you begin the auditions for fruit pie recipes. :yum: