Non real angeleno needs help w other city in u.s.a

dear gang:

i’m headed to the indomitable n.y.c. the end of next month and need to start making reservations
for 6.
where is the best place to look for advice? can i ask on this board? the ny ftc board? the old chowhound?
hungry onion?

thanks in advance and for allowing this question here. if it’s inappropriate to ask this here, i apologize.


Chowhound, it’s still very active there.

There were a good amount of responses to advice posts here on FTC in the NYC section.

Specifically, the thread that @Ns1 started here.

I used this post last year when planning my own trip to NYC.

We ate and drank very well. I highly recommend PDT, NoMad, and Death & Co. for drinks at night. For dinner, Barbuto was a standout.
We had one big dinner, and I will warn you that making dining reservations for 6 is fairly hard in NYC. Most places are very small so they might not have the capacity to accommodate you. We did have a group dinner at Mercato, and everyone had a good time.
My only regrets were I didn’t have enough time for pizza and Halal Guys…I should have just ditched my family.

Now you have a second chance to ditch that family of yours!

@President_Mochi Thanks…I’ve already been to the Long Beach location. Made me sad I wasn’t able to compare it to the original. I’m scheduled to go to NYC, again, next year, so I’ll make up for it then.

It actually isn’t (at least compared to a year ago).

Many, if not most, of the long-time posters simply dissipated. Some went over to HO, some just disappeared. It saddens me quite a bit actually. I’ve lost contact with many that I shared mirthful meals with.

ipse, since this thread has remained, may i ask more specific nyc questions here?

If you want NYC specific advice, post it in the FTC NYC board. You can link this post (sounding the sirens for LA FTC’ers) to the FTC NYC board post seeking recommendations for a party of 6 or whatever.

i have done so. all la ftc’ers feel free to go to nyc board here, please,
if you want to help a idiot out.


To respond to @linus post please provide your recommendations over on the NYC board → Nyc trip, near downtown