Nong La Cafe on Sawtelle Blvd

Just delivery but very impressed! The cha gio was delicious! Wasn’t expecting much from a delivered eggroll, but I ate all three!


Ordered a large sandwich – Homemade Chicken Liver Pate and Vietnamese Meatloaf and an egg and extra jalapenos. The leftovers were just as good as the fresh! Great bread and fillings!

IMG_20181010_142400 IMG_20181010_142407

The west side is really becoming the best side! Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but still, very happy with the new offerings we are seeing here in west la.

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Had a reasonably good Pho Ga (from my admittedly limited experience in that area) delivered from there a few months ago. Glad to see the rest of the menu is up to snuff.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I live close by so I’m looking forward to trying this place.

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Nong La has always been a solid second choice when the line is too long at Tsujita and you don’t feel like ROC.

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The pate baguette is pretty solid. My favorite on the west side

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Nong La has been around for at least 5 years. They’ve even spawned a 2nd location in the Beverly/Fairfax area.

Nong La is OK, been to Sawtelle and La Brea locations several times.

Yep. Just fine. Both them and Saigon Pearl are just ok. … neither of them will ever serve the sawtooth cilantro with the pho which is criminal. I paid something like 20 for this oxtail pho yesterday. it had same exact broth as my friend’s regular pho. broth is good but fairly one note… not enough noodles either. my visit to pho so 1 just 2 days prior was way better. looks good tho.

i do like that nongla has bun bo hue and bun rieu which nobody else does in non asian areas .

photo from saigon pearl.

Agree with all of the above. Not bad, sort of meh. There’s no tripe at Saigon Pearl, either.

Bun bo hue at Nong La is ok. I’d get it if I had to go there.

Yea it’s ok but there isn’t an option around. Ktown is as far as I go for lunch. Know one yhere ?

Hue Oi, a Central specialist in Little Saigon has a Redondo Beach location called Pho Hue Oi.

Sounds like the best bet on that side of town

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What about this side of town? Koreatown to Fairfax

Simply Pho You one of the few Vietnamese owned pho restaurants in K-town.

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I’d rather drive to San Gabriel from the westside than brave that patch of the 405 down to Redondo. Traffic hell. But I have been wanting to try that place, but the one they have in Orange County.

Also pho 87 if you’re willing to go to Chinatown

not sure where you’re driving from, but from Santa Monica, I can drive down Main St cut over to Lincoln in Venice, and then cut off on Jefferson to Culver, and then take Pershing from Playa del Rey all the way down to the South Bay beaches. 30-45 mins.

Add 10-15 minutes since I’m coming from Sawtelle area and at that point, same drive to SGV. I’ve been longing to go to Miyabi Uni for thursday nite pre-fixe dinners but they have set dining times and google says 1 hour 30 minutes to get to Torrance from my house! :frowning_face:

Traffic is our jailer.

wouldn’t it be faster to go up the 405 to the Pho So 1/Pho 999 intersection?

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I think @Nemroz lives around weho area. According to google maps 87 is 7.4 miles while pho so is 9.2 miles. But pho so 1 is definitely one of my favs.

101 is always a b*tch tho