Noodle Harmony (Monterey Park)

Another day, another Beijing style restaurant masquerading as a Sichuan-Hunan noodle shop.

Good liang fen, actually very good. Clean, crisp taste with a good numbing spice kick.

Beef noodle soup is not your Taiwanese grandma’s brew; it’s got a good kick, not the “ma la kick in the nostril” kind of kick, but a good spicy kick nonetheless.

Pig ears, fried intestines and cold cucumbers were all good accoutrements to the noodles.

But if you go, don’t go for the noodles, go for everything that comes with or on the noodles.

Noodle Harmony
735 West Garvey Ave
Monterey Park

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@JThur01 gives credit where credit is due (almost a year later): EaterLA

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Eater contributor and local food writer Kristie Hang first mentioned the opening on social media, and shortly thereafter users on the Food Talk Central message board began discussing the small, well-appointed Noodle Harmony

Uh, @ipsedixit’s post is dated 8/29/18, a full month before the Instagram post, so wouldn’t that make him the first one to mention it?

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He doesn’t count. He knows everything.


Uh, Kristie Hang’s Facebook post (not linked) was on 8/29/18 as well, 4 hours and 5 minutes earlier than ipsedixit’s post here. They both mentioned it the same day, but I saw Kristie’s post first :slightly_smiling_face:

though ipsedixit is spot on about that liang fen :+1:


Can we start calling him ‘the great Oz’ now?

is this the place that offers free extra noodles if you have extra sauce left over? if it is, i recall the noodles being rather… insipid. i trust that has improved. especially if you should expect to pay $20pp.

Maybe blue face mod is Kristie.

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