Noodle in a Haystack

had an enjoyable dinner here during soft open. clint and yoko have been doing pop-ups for years out of their home before kickstarting this new b&m.

ramen and uni carbonara were excellent. only critique is I think they dialed back the portions too much based on earlier diners not being able to finish. definitely needed a bang after this.

add this to your ramen halfway through and turn it into a taiwanese beef noodle soup.



That’s their “tasting menu” with 2 ramen for $175 ?

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thanks for reminding that this was supposed-to-be/now-is a thing!

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They were great when it was a popup in their home.

yes, it used to be 10 courses.

I went on Feb 10 and honestly thought the portions were TOO big. I was uncomfortably full after drinking all of the tori shio broth, but had to drink all of it because it was freaking delicious.

the only miss I had was the broccolini dish. I didn’t need a whole dish of it and I felt microplane-ing the karasumi added very little.


what’s the course with the salad?

slow slow slow braised kakuni, frozen then deep fried.

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May 2023, only posting new stuff:

Tomato Uni noods - somen like vibes.

Wagyu beef curry, Yoko’s pan

Seabream ramen

toppings, on the side:

Custom bowls finally came in:

Basque cheesecake to finish:


how much food is the entire menu (on a scale of e.g. regular fullness to way-past-significant fullness)/are the ramen courses smaller than normal restaurant portion??

The first noodle course is like an appetizer portion and the second noodle course perhaps has the same as a normal restaurant portion. So, if you finish everything and drink the soup, you are sitting very very comfy.

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