Noodles Recipes

Not sure how popular the noodles dish here? Here are some pictures I have for noodles - Sichuan style.


In the top two, the bowl seems too small to mix them properly.

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Oh Robert!

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Looks great! What are the meats in the top two?

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Ground pork and ground beef


I just had lunch and those photos still make me hungry. Hardcore food porn.

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that’s the Chinese way to present it - make you feel the food is almost too much and thus feel guilty of eating too much. hehe

The 3rd is also beef - using the ground beef patty for burger from Costco.

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I would like to eat those straight outta the pic right now! Where are the recipes?

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Will put the recipe links later under this thread.

Here is another noodle dish I had for lunch today.

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That’s a comforting looking noodle dish. I look forward to the recipe.

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Sorry for late reply - my account was on hold for the last couple of days as I was deemed as self-promoting. :slight_smile:


Oh well… Say 5 Hail Marys, then get back to posting Sichuan yumminess.

Alright. May the good food be with you, Hallelujah.

Look at that colorful dish!

I’m curious. Since there’s no ‘background’ on the photos, are these single servings? And did you cook them or are there links to the sources? TIA.

It’s just one serving, at most 2.

Is this thread for everyone to post noodle dishes they made? Or is it a diary of your cooking? Don’t want to interfere if so. :slight_smile:

Any noodle dish is welcome here. My intention of this thread is to have a place for anyone to share their noodle dishes they make, eat or encounter in their lives.

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What is that green stuff? Konnyaku jelly?