Norah - has anyone been yet?

New restaurant in WeHo. The space looks stunning so I’m hoping the food is just as good. Any reports?

These are the guys behind Tipple & Brine?

no idea. Any intel on the chef?

idk what else makes you want to eat at the place, but WeHo places have a major risk of glitzy interiors without much quality cooking going on, so if you open up there, chef pedigree matters to me personally. A lot of people in WeHo will be fine being lured in by the architecture though. I’m sure it’s a very pleasant setting if that’s what you’re looking for.

that’s why i’m weary about trying it. Too many style over substance restaurants in weho. Hoping someone here has taken one for the team.

I’ve never heard of Mike Williams. Would help to know where he was cooking previously.

Little googling revealed that he is indeed the former chef of Tripple and Brine.

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I already took one for the team at Spartina…someone else can go take some lumps lol

So I took one for the team. Checked out Norah for dinner last night with some friends. I’ll keep this short. The food was disappointing. We started with the land charcuterie plate which was very promising. The duck liver pate was particularly enjoyable. However, that’s where the positives notes ended. All the other subsequent dishes were completely over seasoned. From the gnocchi with lobster ragu being over salted to the heritage pork loin being overly sweet with whatever sauce they put on the pork. It’s like the chef was trying to go for big bold flavors without knowing how to balance out the flavors.

Will not be back.

The space is beautiful though.

FWIW, they have a perfect 5 star rating on Yelp with less than 20 reviews.

Thanks for taking one for the team @tailbacku. Disappointing to hear.

Tipple & Brine isn’t exactly the best pedigree. It was pretty average, even by Valley standards.

now you tell me!

I’m sorry I was so precsient =/

Our experience was much the same. Beautiful space, tiny drinks, marginal food and service, quite expensive. No reason to return.