North Bondi Fish in Photos

Wasn’t expecting much since it appears to be a touristy place in a tourist part of town. Food is actually pretty good!

Grilled baby octopus was done much better than the ones at the fish market

Mulloway was pan seared and served with baba ghanoush. Never had mulloway before but tastes like snapper and maybe a touch sweeter.

Charcoal roasted yamba prawns. Really good.

Adult popsicles: mojito and blood orange negroni

The fish and chips looked excellent here.

Great option if you have to go to Bondi beach. Great views from the dining room.

Cheers Porthos!
Pics look great…
Is the place called North Bondi Fish?
Did you get to go to Sean’s Panaroma at Bondi?
Hope you swam a little bit after lunch…
Loving your pics and trip report…
I lived briefly in Rose Bay…love love love Sydney…and Melbourne too!

Was Tetsuya on the list of places to dine? Always wondered how it’s held up over the years…

No. My only other consideration was Rockpool.

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Yes, the place is called North Bondi Fish

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I’ve dined at Tetsuya’s when Tet’ was in the top 10 in the world and to this day, it was one of the best meals of my life!

Tet’s came to our table and I told him his meal was better than Thomas Kellar, French Laundry and he was so happy that he gave a us a signed cookbook of his, bottle of his wine and his personal card and told us to come back anytime on his dime!
What a guy!

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Haven’t been in several years but Rockpool is excellent.