North Glendale / La Crescenta / Tujunga

Going to see a friend’s band out there. On Google Maps I saved Mante House and Leo’s Pizza (has some Armenian stuff). Anything else to consider?

There’s not a ton - or not a ton that’s worth talking about in the context of greater LA - but I like La Cabañita for casual sit down DF style Mexican food. Taylor’s is a classic old fashioned steakhouse. Backyard BBQ is mostly an Armenian meat market but they grill kabobs over charcoal and they’re pretty great. I don’t think their Google Maps hours are correct but if you catch Tacos Guelaguetza they’re pretty good, and Angel’s Tijuana Tacos has been setting up a stand in Tujunga sometimes too. Haven’t explored many of the Korean options but Seoul Market has solid pre-packed kimbap and Hello Pizza does pretty well for Korean sweet potato pizza.


I love Schreiner’s German Deli and the neighboring Berolina Bakery in Montrose.

Gelsinger’s Deli (in the same area) closed and reopened, but I haven’t been there since that happened.


got the perfect spot for you. There’s a kebab street cart on Foothill Boulevard about a mile west of the In-N-Out. They grill everything over charcoal. It’s really great, $15 per sandwich, and you get a choice of any meat plus a drink. I like the lule kebab and ask for extra onions. I plan to cover it on Eater at some point, but you can thank me later.


Kebab Zone?

No, this is a literal stand, not a truck. You’ll get more details when I write it up on Eater at some point

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For future reference, Mante House is closed Wednesdays. Also, it closes at 7pm, 5 on Sundays.

@matthewkang doesn’t need to post here at all. I personally don’t find anything hugely annoying w/ his response. He’s got bills to pay, too. YMMV.


isn’t sharing the details of where it is the opposite of gatekeeping? I’m just waiting to share full details until I can confirm them or at least learn more. I visited again last night, and learned the operators don’t speak very much English, but the food is stellar. PorkyBelly listed the place (which I couldn’t find on Yelp).


thanks for the support, you get it.


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