North inland county

Long time CH reader (first in LA (SGV) and now in SD). Rarely post but feeling inspired by this new site.

I generally gravitate toward inexpensive restaurants that I can visit with my young kids.

Some recommendations in an area fairly underrepresented on food boards (north inland SD county)

Taco Bar (tacos, San Marcos)
Mi rancho market (tacos, Escondido across from Peterson’s donut corner – also good)
Vallarta supermarket (Escondido)
Northgate supermarket (Escondido)
Major market (Escondido)
Roma market (loosely affiliated with the one in Pasadena, very good when Mona Lisa is too far, Escondido)
Ali Baba (mediterranean, the feast, Escondido)
Pho Truc Xanh (Escondido, the Vietnamese style dishes and soups, the Chinese ones don’t appear to be to my tastes but can’t say for sure as I’ve never tried them)
Mirin (Escondido, the ramen does not compare to Santouka which is my current favorite but for Escondido…)
Pho Ca Dao (pho, Poway, Mira Mesa)
North Park Produce (there is a restaurant adjacent to the market, Poway road in Poway)
New York Bagels (legit boiled first bagels, Bernardo Center Drive in Rancho Bernardo)
Tandoori Express (lunch special, Rancho Bernardo)
Saab E Lee (well known for good reason, Rancho Penasquitos)
Mama Testa (Mira Mesa)

Again, most not really destination type joints but if you’re in the area…

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No Vamos es Texcoco on E Vista Way in Vista? Great lamb barbacoa, very affordable. Give them a try.

On my list as is Aqui es Texcoco which has a similar menu. Do you know if these two restaurants are related?

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Thank you! I am an East County-ite, so when I venture points North I’m a little food lost.

I believe some employee’s of Aqui went to venture out and opened Vamos in Vista. The menu’s are similar and the food is very good. I’ve been many times, actually to both places.

Thanks very much. Hopefully will get to both soon.

Last recommendation from me: Lapperts for ice cream in Scripps Ranch

I would add:

Escogelato (especially since you mentioned Lapperts which I found underwhelming)

Tried escogelato and didn’t do it for me but I’m not a big gelato fan. Didn’t really care for bulgarini in Altadena either which many people on the LA board love–so probably just a me thing.

Haven’t tried Cuscatlan yet, couldn’t get over the pizza + pupusas but will try it since you recommended it.

never tried the pizza but the Salvadorian stuff is good (but not game changing)

Finally tried Vamos es Texcoco in Vista. The lamb barbacoa and lamb consomme were both very tasty. If Vista were not so far away, I’d go much more frequently.

Glad you enjoyed Vamos, next time try their squash blossom quesadilla. Also, the old Fish House Vera Cruz, in Carlsbad Village, will be soon become Water Front Bar & Grill, a nice improvement for the area.

If we’re adding Mira Mesa to north inland I’d add Tim Ky Noodle which is fantastic at Vietnamese Chinese wonton noodle soup

What constitutes north inland San Diego? I honestly don’t know.

As for Tan Ky, I’ve been there several times and find it okay for the area but generally pretty uninspiring. Prefer Sam woo for similar type soup but don’t mean to yuk your yum and definitely go to tan ky when too lazy to go to KM, OC or LA.

Personally, I have a hard time wrapping my pea-sized brain around the fact that Mira Mesa would be considered North County. Inland, or not.

I think you’d at least have to be north of the 56 to be even in the running for “North Inland County”

Just ask Fakey, he is fluent about anything North County.


Well Tim Ky is different from Tan Ky (Tan Ky was the former tenant of the spot Tim Ky is now). Also I’d say that Sam Woo and Tim Ky (or other similar places like Tan Ky, Minh Ky, etc) are different as Sam Woo serves Hong Kong style wonton noodle soup while the “Kys” serve Vietnamese Chinese wonton noodle soup. Even though I’m Cantonese, I actually prefer the Vietnamese Chinese wontons and dumplings

Anyway on the north inland discussion, as a person born and raised in North Inland SD County I’d put the San Diego city communities of Rancho Penasquitos, Sabre Springs, Carmel Mountain Ranch, and Rancho Bernardo (i.e. communities in the Poway school district) with Poway, Escondido, 4S Ranch, San Marcos, and Valley Center.

Up for debate, but in the realm of possibility for me are Fallbrook, Ramona, and Rancho Santa Fe

I wouldn’t put the Ranch or Fallbrook (North County) in the NC Inland category but Ramona, Poway, RB, Carmel Ranch, Esco, Valley Center, yes.
El Cajon and La Mesa are considered East County.

In Fakey’s 8 mile sphere, it would be considered Seattle.

Jokes on the I-8 theme never get old. LOL

And then there are people that go by “RB Hound” even if they are living in the UTC area, or up in Sunnyvale.

Thanks for the north inland clarification (also to everyone else who discussed this)

I went to tan ky before and Tim ky after the first closed down even though I messed up the names. Didn’t notice much change in the quality of the food or the menu offerings with the new one. Guess we can agree that it’s good for the location.

Los Charros on Valley Pkwy in a old Pizza hut is one of the best taco shops in SD…
Sushi Yama in Esco by the Cultural Arts Center has great sushi and they have half off on most rolls.
Hacienda de Vega…I go for the apps and cold draft Mex beers
Blue Ribbon Pizza
O’ Sullivan’s Pub for the best fish n’ chips on Grand in Esco
Lourdes for the best chicken soup!
Cheers for best damn cheeseburger in SD…won the :trophy: