North Shore Roast Beef

Destination north shore roast beef sandwich.

3 way with cheese, mayo, and James River.

This is per friend and friend’s family who has been eating north shore roast beef all their lives. The best atm.

I’ve had Nicks but Jamie’s is on a another level.

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Roast beef sandwiches! I got to try a couple places on a trip this summer and it seems like a cool regional sandwich like beef on weck or pit beef although they don’t seem directly related. Me eating roast beef sandwiches this summer must be how people feel eating tacos in LA - even the bad ones were pretty dang good to me.

Any thoughts (from you or your friends) how Nicks and Jamie’s compare to Kelly’s? Both in quality and style?

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Jamie’s hands down the best in the country.

It is runned by a former fine dining chef. IMO fine dining chefs who go casual….usually like to use better product and have a fine attention to detail.

You can’t go wrong with Nicks/Kellys those are classic.

I would love to do a New England summer vacation.

Did you visit any seafood shacks in addition to the roast beef places?

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True, that’s what makes me want to try Wylie Dufresne’s pizza even though I don’t have a lot of pizza opinions.

Only one and it looks like it’s closed now (permanently, not seasonally). It was a large family vacation and I was nursing a bum hip so not a lot of chance to explore stuff but I was glad to try the clam bellies. Love to hear any recommendations, though!

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