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New spot on Fig: Carnal, a slightly upscale Mexican breakfast and lunch place from the dudes behind Simon that just opened in the former Baja Cali tacos location by La Monarca.

Interesting menu, a little more expensive and formal than I expected but some very cool stuff. Lengua chilaquiles were good if maybe more straightforward, and I really liked the Maizhongo, huitlacoche and mixed mushrooms with chochoyotes. Table salsas were excellent, and they dropped off a nice little plate of pina con vinagre (pickled/fermented/vinegary pineapple with chiles). Looking forward to another visit.



This looks great

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I really liked it! It’s in an interesting (and locally mostly vacant) niche where it’s stylish and ambitious and table service and the menu is great but it’s still a pretty casual lunch.

Not to be pocket watching but tbh I am already worried that it’s not exactly a super profitable niche - there’s no alcohol, not a ton of tables, it closes (for now) at 2:30p, and it has a distinctive but frankly not super inviting street presence. Hope it finds the community support it needs and deserves!